The Recon Brothers look at two ear protectors and headsets for tactical and milsim use, the PELTOR ComTac XPI and the SORDIN Supreme MIL CC Slim... "Should you go for a 3M PELTOR ComTac XPI (= ComTac V in USA) or a SORDIN Supreme MIL CC Slim headset?" A question asked by many and with this video it finally gets an answer. Because here we'll bring you a purely objective comparison between both headsets their pro's and con's.

Gunfire: TAG Wear, Peltor & Abbey Arrivals


A quick update from Gunfire for this weekend announcing new arrivals from already well known brands in airsoft. They got some tactical gear from the Russian gear maker TAG Wear that those who collect gear for Russian impressions would like to grab. They got the airsoft gas from Abbey as well as protective earwear and eyewear from Peltor.

"TAG Wear

Gunfire: Specna Arms, Marui, CYMA, & More


A good number of airsoft guns and gear have arrived at Gunfire this week. For airsoft guns, they got deliveries of Specna Arms, Spartac, DBoys, CYMA, and Tokyo Marui. As for gear and accessories they got some from Nuprol, Peltor, and Victorinox. Click on the links provided below to lear more.

Specna Arms

Black Diamond & Peltor Arrivals At Gunfire


Arrivals from 3M Peltor and Black Diamond at Gunfire for your weekend gear shopping. The Black Diamond are new lighting solutions that they have recently stocked up with and Peltor, well you know who they are in terms of comms, ear protection and eye protection. Click on the links below to lean more.

"Black Diamond

Modify XTC-G1 & More Arrivals At Gunfire


The Modify XTC-G1 is now in stock in Europe, as Gunfire announce that they have in stock and in their news update have included a video review of the AEG. Along with this AEG are new arrivals from PPS Airsoft, Lesovik, Buck Knives, Peltor, and Airsoft Engineering. Click the links below to learn more.

Modify XTC-G1 Carbine AEG

Carnival Time & New Arrivals At Gunfire


It's festivities right now at Gunfire as they are having a Carnival event and don't forget to check out their new arrivals... "Let's start the Carnival in Gunfire! It will be as hot as in Rio, but with airsoft! Especially for you we've handpicked almost 500 products and discounted them up to 60%! Among them you will find a lot of replicas, parts, accessories and tactical gear. We're sure you will like them. Join Carnival in Gunfire!

ESS, Peltor, Pantac & More At Gunfire


A good batch of new arrivals at Gunfire all brands that many would be familiar with. They have eye and ear protection gear from ESS Eyepro and Peltor plus tactical gear from Pantac and GFC Tactical. As for upgrades, check out the items they got from SHS airsoft. Click on the links below to learn more:

AEX Gun Specials and New Items


Weekend news from Airsoft Extreme with their AEX Gun Specials where get discounts and more extras when you purchase any of airsoft guns under the AEX brand. Also in stock right now are the FN 5-7 C02 GBB Pistol & Magazine, Peltor Hearing Protection Tactical 6S-1, and the Parallax Tactical FFSSR 13in. And as always, don't forget about their YouTube Channel.

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