DTW Airsoft: Ares L85A3 AEG


DTW Airsoft gives his take on the Ares L85-A3 Bullpup AEG if it is something he can recommend... "This time i'm looking at Ares L85-A3, also know as the SA80A3. Designed by H&K this is what the british army are starting to use now. This airsoft bullpup rifle not only has a bit of weight to it but also makes alot of noise from that blowback so if you like to scare people on the field this could help you out."

ARES L85A3 EBB AEG At Evike.com


A look at the Ares L85A3 EBB that is available from Evike.com. This has stamped steel receiver with roll marks and an electric blowback mechanism, bolt moves every time the L85 is fired, mimicking the real life counterpart. The bolt locks to the rear to access hop-up unit and the bullpup design allows for a shorter overall length without sacrificing barrel length.

REAPERS Airsoft: Ares L85A3 S-AEG


If you want an authoratative review on the Ares Airsoft L85A3 AEG, Reapers Airsoft is happy to oblige. This is a semi-auto version to meet German regulations. Just turn on your player's language caption as this is done in German... "Hi folks! I this review we check out the Ares L85A3, this is the current SA80 which has been modernized by HK (Heckler & Koch).

Airsoft Mike: Ares Airsoft L85A3 AEG


Mainly available at most airsoft retailers in the UK, Airsoft Mike gets hold one of the Ares Airsoft L85A3 AEG for an unboxing and overview video. This is the dark earth colours and the EFCS system, further this still features the KeyMod rail system though we would prefer the most recent update done to the real world one that has the M-Lok system.

Patrol Base Ares Airsoft L85A3 Livestream


Equipped with the EFCS, adjustable velocity, and stamped steel receiver, the Ares Airsoft L85A3 AEG is available at Patrol Base... "Calling all British Army loadouts!! This is the absolute greatest L85 platform Airsoft Replica the market has seen yet, but we didn't need to tell you that.

ARES L85A3 AEG With EFCS Pre-Order At RedWolf Airsoft


Expected to be available in the first quarter of 2021, RedWolf Airsoft are now taking pre-orders fo the Ares L85A3 AEG with the EFCS Gearbox... "The L85 belongs to the SA80 family of British rifles and has been the mainstay of the British armed forces for decades. Throughout its storied history, the rifle has seen many different upgrades and has been used in diverse theaters of warfare which the Brits have participated in.

Fox Airsoft: How To Takedown ICS L85A2


Another tech tip from Fox Airsoft and this time it's the ICS L85A2 AEG that will be opened. Be prepared to listen and watch carefully if you intend to do your own maintenance of this AEG... "Be careful! Some of these screws in here can be very small and are often very difficult to find once you have lost them. It is also a good idea to have pressure on the spring guide when you remove it from the gearbox.

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