CYMA CM.099 VSS AEG At Patrol Base


Stu talks about the CYMA CM.099 VSS AEG that is available at Patrol Base. If you're looking for a faithful Airsoft Electric Gun version of the VSS Vintorez Sniper Rifle, the CYMA CM.099 can be a good choice. This is a replica of the unique Russian DMR that belongs to the AS VAL family and uses the special 9x39mm round. The CYMA CM.099 has a rear-wired Stock that makes it easy to install batteries.

Garand Thumb With The VSS Vintorez


Garand Thumb tries the VSS Vintorez if it is the quietest sniper rifle Russia has to offer... "The VSS 'Vintorez' is such an odd rifle that was in many ways massively ahead of it's time. The 9x39 is closest to the 8.6 blackout in terms of bullet weight (though it still lighter than those loadings typically). In today's video we take one of the few examples in the United States and go over this very fascinating design."

Dress Up Your LCT AS VAL & VSS Vintorez AEGs


Another look at the LCT Airsoft Silencer Rails designed to allow owners of the LCT AS VAL & VSS Vintorez AEGs to be able to mount weapons accessories such as lasers, optics, and PEQ boxes. There are three thee lenghts to choose from and hey also have 50mm Silncer Rail Adapter aand the PSO1 Scope Mount Extender for the PSO1 Rail Mount.


Delta Says' LCT VSS Vintorez AEG Review


Turkish airsoft reviewer Delta Says gives his take on the Spetsnaz Sniper Rifle VSS Vintorez AEG made by LCT Airsoft... "Hello everyone, today I am here with the review of VSS Vintores, which was produced for the Spetsnaz unit, which is the Russian special forces that is known from PUBG but actually needs to be known. This rifle is self-silencing for use with subsonic bullets. It does a great job with alternative DMR sniper modding in Airsoft.

NPO-AEG VSS Vintorez 2020 Edition AEG Review


Theta Airsoft give their take on the 2020 Edition of the NPO-AEG VSS Vintorez AEG... "NON COMMERCIAL VIDEO Overview of the VSS Vintorez 20 generation (2020 release) from NPO AEG In the video, I tried to tell my impressions of the drive in as much detail as possible, took a close-up of all the details from all sides and explained their features. Connoisseurs will notice differences from previous versions."

Accessories For The LCT Airsoft Silencer Rails


With the release of the Silencer Rails for the AS VAL and VSS Vintorez AEGs made by LCT Airsoft, the company also have the accesories that you can moun on these rails to so you can have better handling of these AEGs. They have the Z Series Foregrips in different lengths and a sling mount you can use on the rail. Also, there is the PK283 3-Position Folding Grip you can adjust to your comfort and the PK411 Silencer Rail & Foregrip combo.

LCT Airsoft Silencer Rails For AS VAL/VSS Vintorez


The problem with some of the Soviet/Russian weapon designs is how to mount weapons accessories on them. In the case of the AS VAL/VSS Vintorez which have their integrated suppressors is to have a rail system on them. LCT Airsoft which makes airsoft versions of both weapons have announced their Silencer Rails made for these and for owners they have three lengths to choose from: PK413 (140mm), PK412 (75mm), and PK411 (45mm). For owners non-LCT airsoft versions, they will need to check compatibility.

Timerzanov Airsoft: LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez AEG


Timerzanov Airsoft likes what he sees in the VSS Vintorez AEG made by LCT Airsoft... "The VSS Vintorez (Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya) is a Russian sniper rifle with integrated silencer and full automatic mode developed at the beginning of the 80s. It is used today in particular by the Russian FSB. The manufacturer LCT offers a very beautiful replica of the VSS Vintorez with a metal body and a real wood stock.

Airsoft Sports: LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez AEG


Airsoft Sports does a quick review of the LCT Airsoft VSS Vintorez AEG which they have in stock for Russian airsoft players... "VSS (Special Sniper Rifle) "Vintorez" was created for special operations requiring low-noise weapons. The rifle was developed at the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH) in the city of Klimovsk under the leadership of Peter Serdyukov.

LCT LCKS-74UN & VSS Vintorez Modularize


LCT Airsoft LCKS-74UN and VSS Vintorez AEGs. Take your selection of tactical stocks, pistol grip, magwell, sling mount, silencer, and double magazine grip. Check if the LCT AEG you have is compatible before choosing any of these.

LCT LCKS-74UN & VSS Vintorez Modularize 02


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