DTW Airsoft On The Ares L85 AFV With SUSAT


Available for years now, the ARES L85 AFV is equipped with a SUSAT and compact enough that makes it ideal for CQB. DTW Airsoft takes a look at this AEG... "The baby of the L85 family. The Ares L85 AFV is designed for tank crews and close compact areas. The bullpup design makes it ideal for both CQB and woodland airsoft games."

G&G L85 AFV Blowback In Stock


Looking this? It is now in stock again at Airsoft Atlanta... "The G&G L85 Carbine Blowback AEG The L85 Carbine by G&G Armament is an excellent rifle for those looking for out-of-the-ordinary alternatives. Built in Taiwan, this rifle offers superior quality and performance compared to similar models made in China.

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