Dave's Custom Airsoft L129A1 DMR AEG


An overview video by Dave's Custom Airsoft of the DS Custom L129A1 DMR AEG that they put together... "The L129A1 entered service with the British Army during the Afghan War as a way to increase range and lethality at section level. Before the L129A1 was introduced all section level weapons were 5.56mm and they were being outranged by PKM and even Lee Enfields.

The L129A1 has proven very popular and is still in service today widely used by all Army combat units.

Dave's Custom: Spectre DR Replica Special Offer


A big price drop of the Spectre DR Replica that is in stock at Dave's Custom and for those who want to get one, they better move quickly as this is a limited time offer... "Specter Replicas with DR and Carry Case are reduced from £175.20 to only £140.00 limited time offer and limited quantity.

Dave's Custom: British Airsoft Show 2016


Dave's Custom sent in an invite to Popular Airsoft readers who are planning to visit the British Airsoft Show, which is part of the British Shooting Show next month, to drop by their booth. Dates are on the 12th,, 13th and 14th of February 2016 at the Stoneleigh Park near Coventry... "Come and see us at the ‪#‎Britishshootingshow‬ / ‪#‎TheBritishAirsoftShow‬ 2016 Next Month, If you are into Airsoft Or any other Shooting Sport then this is the perfect show for you.

Dave's Custom Airsoft Store Episode 1


Dave sent us a heads-up via YouTube of his YouTube Channel and Dave's Custom Airsoft Store (DCAS) Episode 1 is now up and introduces what Dave does... "This is EP 1, the introduction! This video is to explain what the videos in this series are about! I will be making reviews for David Taylor, of Dave's Custom Airsoft Store! Into filmed at Bristol Airsoft (Old Crown Court) the theme music is by Remnant. Find DCAS on Facebook!"

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