Savior Equipment x TAM Exclusive Specialist Double Rifle Case


Spartang117gw gives an overview of the special edition of the Savior Equipment Specialist Double Rifle Case designed with TAM. TAM's exclusive 42" Specialist bag is a limited-edition double rifle case designed for shooters who demand the best. The bag features a Tamography™ pattern, padded compartments for two rifles, a MOLLE strip, a removable padded divider, and multiple pockets for accessories. It also has backpack straps and adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.

Spartan117gw On The SIG Air M17 GBB Pistol


Spartan117gw tries his hand on the SIG Sauer ProForce P320 M17/MHS Airsoft GBB Pistol. The official airsoft version of the U.S. Army's M17 MHS, this is produced by VFC for SIG Sauer and has both Green Gas and CO2 versions. It has a metal slide and can be stripped down like the real deal. Being a former serviceman, how does he find this pistol compared to what it replaced, the Beretta M9?

Firearms Training With Airsoft Whilst In Quarantine


Not mainly an issue for airsoft players, but for real steel shooters who do not want to get rusty with their skills, they will need to have airsoft versions of their firearms so they can train at home safely whilst in quarantine. Spartan117gw shows some drills that can be done at home in this video.

Most Badass Epic Gameplay 2019 Rewind


As we slowly move into the 2020, we reminisce the good (and the bad?) times we had, including the airsoft games and events we've been to. Other airsoft players have their own footage of the games to show what they did in the past year. For Spartan117gw, he put together what he calls the most badass airsoft gameplay he had for the year.

Spartan117gw's "Clean House" In Real Life


Something for airsoft players who are now engrossed in playing the recently released "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare". Spartan117gw did his own take on the "Clean House" mission in which the player needs to infiltrate a house and eliminate everything in sight. He puts the Sionyx Auror Colour Night Vision Device which is commercially available into good use with good camera work.

Click here to learn the collaborators and gear used in the short film.

Spartan117gw: Battle Of The Bills


Spartan117gw participated in a Surefire CQB Training event called the "Battle of the Bills"... "This was a private media event where we got to get some killer hands on training with Bill Rapier and Bill Blowers over several days! Learned a ton over the course of this event and stay tuned for more!"

Spartan117gw On Airsoft Gun For Training


2019 is actually a very good year for airsoft players who are looking into more realistic operating airsoft guns. There are more choices from gas blowbacks to AEGs and Spartan117gw takes a look at some leading products that are recommended for training, whether as a civilian, part of LEO or a military branch. Watch him go over the PTW, ERG, NGRS, GBBR, and the new DAS from GBLS of South Korea.

Jurassic Park Exodus BTS With Travis Haley


Spartan117gw posted another Behind the Scenes footage with Travis Haley during the filming of his recent fan film project, Jurassic Park Exodus. This is a bigger production compared to his Jurassic World: Asset Containment Unit. In this more recent fan film, more celebrities known amongst airsoft players and the tactical community were involved such as include Travis Haley, Garand Thumb, Jamie Costa, Shannon Corbeil, Truexodus, and Barrett James.

Travis Haley OIF M4A1 SOPMOD Clone


Spartan117gw got an assist from Travis Haley himself to build the Travis Haley Marine Force Recon OIF M4A1 SOPMOD Clone. Find out in the video how they put these together and Spartan117gw's impressions with the build... "This is the M4A1 SOPMOD clone of the rifle Travis Haley carried in Liberia and during OIF."

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