BO FABARM STF12 Quick Look


Mach Sakai grabs a shotgun to test and it is the BO Fabarm STF12 Shotgun and we assume VFC to be the OEM for this. This is a fully licensed gas-powered airsoft shotgun said to be based on Marui M870 gas shotgun tech according to some circles as we haven't checked its internals ourselves. He checks it for operation, externals, and just like other quick reviews he makes, a quick steel challenge.

BO Manufacture Mosin Nagant M44 Review


Neo035 looks to the East this time for something used in World War II for a review and he finds the BO Manufacture Nagant M44. This airsoft Co2 rifle is based on the model M44 is that were used by the Russian infantry during the Second World War. This is comes equipped with a bayonet which is a fiberglass dummy and hyper realistic. This model is manufactured by Wingun in Taiwan according to the specifications of BO Manufacture. It has Weathered metal parts to give it a vintage look with dark wood faux wood and a Mosin Nagant strap included.

BO Manufacture FABARM STF/12 Review


Airsoft Review en Español does a review of the BO Manufacture FABARM STF/12 airsoft shotgun. OEM by VFC, this is fully licensed from the Italian company that makes the real world shotgun. This shotgun is available in long and short versions and have either a CO2 or spring as power source.

Nuprol To Distribute Fabarm Airsoft Shotguns


Nuprol announce that they will be carrying fully licensed Fabarm STF/12 Airsoft Shotguns. These are licensed to BO Manufacture from Fabarm and gas and spring versions are available... "News hot from our trip to the IWA 2018! Nuprol are proud to announce that we are now exclusive distributors of Fabarm Airsoft Replicas.

We are starting with the amazing STF Series of shotguns.

BO Manufacture FABARM STF/12 Spring


Here is the first review of the BO Manufacure FABARM STF/12 Shotgun Spring Edition done by Antre du Dingo Dingchavez... "Here it is, the video about the brand new STF/12 by BO Manufacture. This video deals with the spring version. Hopefully the CO² version will be sent to me in a few weeks..."

SCDTV: BO Manufacture (FOBUS) Glock Holsters


SCDTV has a new video showing FOBUS Glock holsters from BO Manufacture with a bonus review of the Stark Arms GBB Pistols on the side... "FOBUS made BO Manufacture glock holsters. A few word in this Irek talked, Porman filmed, appendix to our full Stark Arms guns review."

BO Manufacture Hubert .14 Commando Review


The Airsoft & Military News Blog reviews another BO Manufacture custom work, the BO Manufacture Hubert .14 Commando Review... "The quality and everything is good, the gearbox is a treat, the internals work well – the only downer, again, is the Hop-Up; although, for around 400€, you can easily build your own custom G36C and paint it, which makes it a totally unique piece of gear that no one else owns.

VFC VR16 EVO Saber Carbine Review


French Airsoft YouTube Channel, Airsoft Review, does a review of the VFC VR16 EVO Saber Carbine which is available right now at B.O. Manufacture. This has English subtitles so you can follow the review. This is a 15-minute video review, so grab something to drink or bite before sitting down to watch the review. Also included is a gameplay test video.

SCDTV: BO Shield 595 Tan AEG Review


Last week, SCDTV released two video reviews and followed up with another one yesterday which covers the review of the BO Shield 595 AEG in Tan... "A little big gun - the BO Dynamics SHIELD 595 AEG. A CQB beast that kicks asses in the open. Check our review od this comapact sized BO ManufactureLonex airsoft gun."

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