Middle Aged Gamer: KWA IWI Tavor TAR 21 GBB


Another gas blowback for the Middle Aged Gamer to go over and it is the KWA IWI Tavor TAR 21 GBB... "We take a look at the Airsoft KWA Tavor SAR 21 Flat Top GBBR, this is a unique Airsoft replica that brings the FUN to game days. One of only a few Bullpups in GBBR form to enter the Airsoft market, this a very Rare Airsoft Collectors piece."



BB2K Airsoft got surprised after finding a fully-licensed Gas Blowback Tavor Bullpup Rifle is on display at IWA Outdoor Classics 2018. This is made by KWA for Umarex... "UMAREX managed to surprise me!!! Without official announcement...a fully licensed IWI Tavor 21 GBBR from KWA! I was really flashed!"

Mach Sakai: S&T Tavor T21 AEG Review


Mach Sakai reviews the S&T Tavor T21 Carbine AEG. Based on the IWI TAR-21 Tavor Carbine, this is a bullpup weapon that makes it a compact weapon but with a rifle muzzle velocity due to its longer barrel as compared to other compact weapons. This is the Explorer version which comes with a quick spring change system.

Airsoft Mike: Ares Airsoft TAR-21 Sportline


Airsoft Mike gets his hands on the Ares Airsoft TAR-21 Sportline for this video... "Here I get my hands on one of many Airsoft variants of the TAR-21 Bullpup Assault Rifle. The specific model number on the box is SC-AR-012. The Airsoft Tavor / Tar-21 is available from various Airsoft manufacturers and can be bought from the following Airsoft retailers:

New TAR Podium Bipod From FAB Defense


For TAR-21/Tavor fans, something to use to stabilise the bullpup rifle from FAB Defense called the TAR Podium though you may need to wait for the airsoft version since we're not sure if this can be made to fit the AEGs without doing some modification... "The TAR Podium is a especially made bipod platform for the TAR 21 rifles.


WGC Shop: UFC TAR-21 Metal Flat Top Rail


We've received emails before from our readers asking where to get a Flat Top Rail for thei TAR-21 airsoft guns and now we can give them a definite answer. WGC Shop announce that they have the UFC Metal Flat Top Rail System for TAR-21 AEGs. With an all black anodized finish, this is a one piece consecutive full length top rail conversion kit so you can attach weapons accessories on top of the TAR-21.

Hyperdouraku S&T T21 Pro-Version Review


Hyperdouraku has been hyperactive lately, coming out with airsoft reviews in the past days. For the first part of this week, he posted the review of the Smart Team Hong Kong (S&T) Tavor TAR-21 AEG Pro-Version (there is the Competition version too). He refers it to the real steel version which they had experience with during their Guam Shooting Tour. Not really blown away with this model, he rather gave us a walktrhough of the details of this AEG.

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