Arms Magazine Reviews The Tokyo Marui URG-I 11.5inch Sopmod Block 3 GBB


Arms Magazine got their hands of the new Tokyo Marui URG-I 11.5inch Sopmod Block 3 GBB rifle which was just released last week. This features a new blowback engine with a large piston and bolt operation for intense recoil shock. The Z-system mechanism enhances durability, reducing wear and damage, and maintaining the barrel center. It also faithfully reproduces original functions like bullet loading, bolt catch operation, and an adjustable STR type stock.

Arms Magazine: G&G "Death Machine" Mark 3


The Guerilla Boss of Arms Magazine gets to try the new G&G "Death Machine" Mark 3 AEG to find improvements over the previous editions... "G&G Armament's electric gun "DEATH MACHINE" series supervised by Boss Guerrilla, the leader of the guerrilla corps, the "Revolutionary Warrior of the Gun Industry". Until now, MARK1 and MARK2 have been released, and both have been so popular that they are sold out.

Arms Magazine: Lambda Defense MK48 MK3 MOD.1 AEG


Arms Magazine writes about the next LMG AEG release from Lambda Defense, the FN MK3 MOD.1 7.62mm AEG... "This model reproduced for the first time in the world as an airsoft gun is also called 'FN MINIMI 7.62'. The Mk48 developed at the request of USSOCOM is MOD.0 equipped with a fixed stock and a forearm with a rail system, MOD.1 equipped with a heat shield and a retractable stock on a retractable stock and FN type triple rail specification forearm.

ARMS Magazine On The VFC LAR Gas Blowback Rifle


ARMS Magazine released a video giving a short overview of the recently released VFC LAR Gas Blowback Rifle. Full review is in the latest issue of the Japanese-language airsoft magazine... "A new VFC product delivered to the editorial department of Arm Magazine! A quick review of LAR GBBR JP Version. Details will be discussed in the November issue of Monthly Arms Magazine, which is scheduled to be released on September 27th. Don't miss this too!"

ARMS Magazine: Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun


ARMS Magazine does a report on the upcoming SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun from Tokyo Marui... "The SAIGA-12K (hereinafter referred to as Saiga) is a unique semi-automatic shotgun that has been converted into a shotgun while maintaining the style and operability of the AK series. Although Saiga is well known in Japan, it has never been airsoft.

Arms Magazine's Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K GBB Shotgun Review


This is probably the first full review of the upcoming SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun from Tokyo Marui done by Arms Magazine... "Tokyo Marui's shotgun series features a very unique system. It is an epoch-making thing that has 3 independent barrels and chambers, 3 cylinders / pistons and can shoot 3 BB bullets at the same time. Starting with the air cocking SPAS12 that appeared in 1998, a gas pump Action Remington M870 and KSG, and electric fully automatic shotguns AA-12 and SGR-12 are being released in sequence.

Arms Magazine: BOLT Daniel Defense MK18 Dagger


A full review by ARMS Magazine of the BOLT Airsoft Daniel Defense MK18 Dagger BRSS... "A model with a formal contract with Daniel Defense has appeared in the electric gun of BOLT Airsoft equipped with BRSS that allows you to experience the recoil shock just like a real gun.

Arms Magazine's G&G M1 Garand ETU Shooting Review


G&G Armament got an M1 Garand AEG equipped with the ETU available in the market an ARMS Magazine takes a look at one to see how it shoots... "There are not many toy guns that reproduce the firearms of World War II compared to the current firearms. M1 Garand was also rarely commercialized, but it was released by G & G Armament as a semi-auto only electric gun like the real gun and became a hot topic. However, heavy use of semi-auto shortens the life of the switch.

Bolt Airsoft AKM BRSS Hammer Review


Japanese airsoft magazine ARMS Magazines checks out the AKM BRSS Hammer from BOLT Airsoft. This one of the new releases from BOLT Airsoft with the Bolt Recoil Shock System (BRSS), which is a simulated recoil and blowback system for AEGs... "A replica model representing the AK series with the original mechanism 'HAMMER' that allows you to experience a strong recoil shock!"

Read the review here and overview video below:

Arms Magazine's Overview Of The Marui MK18 Mod.1 GBB Rifle


With the release of the latest gas blowback rifle from Tokyo Marui, the MK18 Mod.1, Arms Magazine put up a an overview just before its release... "Among the CQBR variations adopted by the US Navy SEALs and the US Marine Corps Special Forces MARSOC, the 'Mk18 Mod.1' is famous. Tokyo Marui has reproduced this model with a gas blowback gun following the next-generation electric gun."

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