Arms Magazine: VFC Colt M16A1 V3 GBB Rifle


Arms Magazine go over the Colt M16A1 V3 Gas Blowback Rifle made by VFC for their report... "The design concept of the M16A1, which was perfected at the time, is still the ancestor of the derivatives that continue to the modern M4. This time, VFC has realistically reproduced the M16A1. With a handguard without an accessory rail, a fixed stock that cannot be extended, and a fixed carrying handle, the M16A1 feels like a fresh style now.

Arms Magazine With The S&T Type 100 AEG Prototype


Arms Magazine provides an insightful glimpse into the prototype of the S&T Type 100 AEG. This high-quality, full metal construction is complemented by a real wood fixed stock, accurately reflecting the real-life Type 100. The design includes a rear battery compartment located conveniently in the stock. A neatly tucked away folding bipod adds to its convenience. The gun features a fixed front sight and an adjustable rear sight for precision.

Arms Magazine: G&G TGM R5 ETU


The G&G Armament TGM R5 ETU AEG is available in Japan and Arms Magazine got one to check out... "The airsoft gun we will introduce this time is G&G Armament's "TGM R5 ETU". This air gun belongs to the company's TGM series, which is based on the MP5, and is a modernized customized air gun based on the same TGM series model. However, it is not just a matter of replacing parts to create a modernized model, but also making it more user-friendly.

Arms Magazine: Tanaka S&W M28 “The Highway Patrolman” 4" HW


Not an airsoft gun, but a cap gun that shoots 7mm caps in the cartridges, the Tanaka S&W M28 “The Highway Patrolman” 4" HW gets featured by Arms Magazine... "Speaking of 'Hi-pato', many people may think of model guns that were previously released by MGC and Kokusai. Tanaka's newly released S&W M28 'The Highway Patrolman' 4-inch Heavy Weight Model Gun (hereinafter referred to as 'Hi-Pato') has an unprecedented high quality finish."

Aya Nanjo As Arms Magazine May 2024 Cover Girl


Time to find out the face that graces the May 2024 issue of Arms Magazine and it is Aya Nanjo that was released last month... "Monthly Arms Magazine May issue released on March 27th (Wednesday)! This month's issue has Aya Nanjo serving as the cover model for this month's issue! Check out the off-shots and interview video!"

Arms Magazine: Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa White D.O.R.


Another white edition from Tokyo Marui, the Hi-Capa White D.O.R. GBB Pistol, gets the attention of Arms Magazine... "When it comes to gun colors, dark earth and gray are often used these days, but black and silver are overwhelmingly popular. This is the second model following the next-generation electric gun AK White Storm, which features a white high-capacity DOR that breaks the image of gun colors, and the first white model for a handgun.

Arms Magazine: The Tokyo Marui G36+ AEG


Arms Magazine give their take on the third AEG from their "Plus" series, the G36+... "The Tokyo Marui Electric Gun Plus series, a standard type electric gun, is equipped with the “PLUS” system, which includes a FET circuit and is compatible with the company’s MS/Li-Po batteries. This series, known for its sharp and stable shooting response, has undergone aesthetic improvements and is gaining popularity as a survival game weapon. The third installment of the series, the G36C Plus, continues to be favored by users even after more than 20 years since its release.

Arms Magazine: Open-Top Nylon Holster


Arms Magazine gets to review open-top nylon holsters that they say should never existed but here they are and are made in Japan... "A detailed introduction to the shooting nylon holster planned and supervised by Keno Bouska. A lineup of 3 types of nylon holsters compatible with N frame, K frame, and custom detonics!"

Read more here and watch the video below:

Arms Magazine April 2024 Cover Model: Asukachi


Learn more about the Asukachi who graces the cover of the April 2024 issue of Arms Magazine. The April issue of Monthly Arms Magazine, released on Tuesday, February 27th, features idol Asukachi as the cover model. In a unique collaboration with the community service "CHEERZ", fans voted to determine the cover model through a special project. Asukachi secured the top spot and will not only grace the cover but will also be featured in exclusive off-shot photos and an interview video.

Arms Magazine: Maruzen Walther PPK GBB Pistol


A good look at the Maruzen Walther PPK GBB Pistol by Arms Magazine in this video... "Speaking of the Walther PPK, many people think of it as the favorite gun of the famous James Bond, but although the PPK is well known, it has surprisingly not been made into an airgun. However, this time Maruzen has released a model that can be called a masterpiece of PPK's gas blowback model. It has been brushed up based on the highly complete PPK/S, and there are no problems with its operability.

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