Airsoft Skills: Rossi Neptune 9" MARSOC AEG


Airsoft Skills walks us through the features of the Rossi Neptune 9" MARSOC AEG. This AEG has an electronic trigger with active brake that features combined CNC gears, a reinforced piston with steel teeth, bushings with 8 mm bearing, a QD spring guide with bearing, and a fuse. It also has a 6.02 mm precision barrel, a one-piece outer barrel, a MK18 CNC black handguard, folding metal sights, a metal stock tube, and a nylon fiber stock.

All About The Rossi Neptune AR15 MARSOC AEG


Blackstar airsoft shop in Brazil give more inforrmation abou the Neptune AR15 MARSOC AEG which they carry at their shop... "Learn all about Marsoc, by Rossi. An excellent cost-effective AEG within the Neptune range. With nylon fiber body and metal handguard, it delivers resistance and lightness to the operator in the field. Beautiful.

Commando Store: ROSSI Neptune 9" MARSOC


Commando Store presents the ROSSI Neptune 9" MARSOC, a MK18-style AEG that is available at their store... The new ROSSI Marsoc, the MK18 have been the most popular, but this MARSOC comes with a very interesting equipment, it has a programmable electronic trigger with active brake that allows the piston to rest.

Airsoft GI: MARSOC Style Tactical Gear Heads


Budget conscious airsoft players can check this video from Airsoft GI as they make a run down of this MARSOC-style loadout for Milsim games... "Surprisingly a lot of you guys have asked for more Tactical Gear Heads. We aim to please, so we wanted to bring the series back with a load out that you have requested a lot recently! Boaz built a MARSOC Style load out with all the reference pictures that the internet could provide!



One of the AEGs from the Neptune Series is the MARSOC AEG and L'Antre du Dingo takes a look at it. ROSSI is the latest manufacturer in the airsoft market, previously known as a firearms manufacturer based in Brazil... "Let's have a look at the new ROSSI Neptune MARSOC AEG. Thanks a lot to them and 020Magazine for their support."

Gear Gallery: MARSOC Inspired Loadout


With MARSOC's Marine Raiders being the flavour of the month, Airsoft and Military News put together a gallery showing you the kit a Marine Raider would usually use... "Today we wanna highlight the elite unite from the U.S.M.C called MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) or Marine Raiders as they become re-named shortly (read more about it here) by Gen. James F. Amos Commander of the Marine Corps.

Special Forces vs MARSOC Rap Battle


Now for the day's amusement. MBest11x, or Mat Best, is back again with this Epic Rap Battles usually featuring the special operations units in JSOC. In this video, it's one of oldies in the special ops commmunity, the US Army Special Forces (or if you want to call them, the Green Berets), and one of the youngest, the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC). Also included is the behind the scenes of this video.

WA SCW3 Shibuya MARSOC Battle Damage


If you like this battle damaged look of the Kimber 1911 MARSOC pistol from Western Arms, then have that US$410.00 ready as eHobby Asia have this in stock... "The 1911 pistol is considered by many gun collectors and veterans to be the greatest self-loading pistol ever made and the grandfather of the modern handgun, which despite its age is still used alongside modern pistols today.

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