Airsoft GI: Spetsnaz Rifle & Revolvers


Bill gives us a look of two upcoming products in this Airsoft GI video that for those who want to put together a Spetsnaz loadout, should be high on their list. In this episode he presents the G&G Armament GSS (VSS Vintorez airsoft replica) and the G7 Revolvers... "Bill gives us an overview of new upcoming G&G products!

ERGO Rails, R-Hop Kits & CYMA CM037 Review


Just one video review but two new ERGO rails are available at Airsoft GI. One interesting item is this "Hunterseeker" Armory IR Hop-Z Kit which almost made us think that this is a very high-tech hop-up patch that would make any one on the receiving think twice before hiding as it'll be futile (nope). Also in this update is the King Arms QD M203 Grenade Launcher Long version.

Airsoft GI - CYMA CM037 AK Beta Spetsnaz Review With Daniel

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