Why The Spetsnaz Hate The AK-12 And Use The AK-74


Casper Arms covers the AK-12, which has become the standard issue rifle for the Russian Army and explains why the Spetsnaz would rather use the older AK-74... "The AK-12 rifle was called the 'fifth generation weapon', which would outperform the previous AK-74 by (!) two times and become the best in the world. But what do we see in practice? The Russian soldiers and Special Forces operators.. simply can't stand the new Kalashnikov rifle! What is the reason?

3 Wildest AK Versions For Russian Spetsnaz


Casper Arms talks about three wildest airsoft that were made for the Spetsnaz that you probably don't know about... "The shortened version of the Kalashnikov AKS-74U rifle is the second (!) most popular weapon of the AK series, which is known to everyone who loves guns. But in this issue we will not talk about it: today we will talk about three of the wildest rifles, which are made on the basis of the short AKS-74U.

Spetsnaz Tactical Shooting Challenge


Red Army Airsoft shared to us this video from Stitch Profi on the tactical shooting challenge, if our machine translation is right, held by Russian Special Forces University... "Power! Courage! Real emotions! An explosive video from the VIII Open Chess Championship in Tactical Shooting! We were there! And we are ready to present you our video report! Make yourself comfortable. It will be hot now!

AMNB Gear Galllery: Top 3 Spetsnaz Loadouts


Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) got its latest Gear Gallery up showing the top 3 Spetsnaz loadouts that you can consult when putting together similar loadouts for airsoft and milsim use... "In this new Gear Gallery article, we go over the top 3 modern Spetsnaz Loadouts you can built if you're interested in Russian Military Kits.

Loadout Of Soviet Spetsnaz GRU Afghanistan Campaign


Red Ivan Airsoft shows the loadout of the Spetsnaz GRU during the Sovier-Afghan War in the 1980s... "Hello, Comrades, in this Video we will Discuss Uniforms & Equipment Used By Soviet Spetsnaz GRU (Separate Detachments of Special Purposes ) during Soviet-Afganistan War (1979-1989).

TrueMOBSTER: Russian Spetsnaz Loadout


TrueMOBSTER, the YouTube channel that proudly use airsoft for their projects and got almost 1.5 million subscribers, show the Russiann Spetsnaz Loadout they put together for the Air Supply Drop short film they made... "Airsoft Supply Drop - Russian Spetsnaz Loadout, Jay locates a new loot box which is filled with Russian Spetsnaz gear and more tactical goods!"

Gear Locker: Badass Spetsnaz Loadout


French Airsoft YouTube Channel, the Gear Locker, puts together a badass Russian Spetsnaz loadout for this video. He also lists all the gear that he used in the video, providing links where to get them. This includes the Balaclava, ration, footwear, gloves, helmet, and the airsoft guns to complete the impression.

Russian Spetsnaz 24 Hour Mountain Ration


Steve of MREinfo has put up a video showing what Spetsnaz 24 Hour Mountain Ration is comprised of... "This is a Russian Special Forces 24 Hour Mountain Ration - very rare & hard to acquire - check out this amazing Military Ration and see for yourself! Hope you all enjoy the review - I can truly say this was one of the best Military Rations I've ever had!"

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