Leo Köhler KSK Pants Review By Feldmutze


Feldmutze shares his experience with the Leo Köhler KSK commando pants, a durable and functional garment tailored for German special forces. These Flecktarn pants, made from a cotton-polyester blend, are equipped with multiple pockets, integrated gaiters, and Cordura reinforcements, meeting the Bundeswehr's rigorous specifications for challenging missions.

The Gear Locker: The KSK MP5SD3


The Gear Locker says the KSK MP5SD3 is the coolest airsoft SMG build. Find out why in this video... "Ben works his magic on airsoft replicas, and this is no exception. The KSK style MP5SD3 was used in the 2010s by the Kommando Spezialkräfte, which was able to be replicated with some awesome airsoft and REAL accessories."

KSK Holsters From 2010-2013


AirsoftInCT got some holster setups used by the Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) or the German Special Forces Command from 2010-2013... "This video shares some of the holster setups used by the KSK from 2010-2013! These are all approved options for KvB's DA kit so hopefully you found this helpful."

The MSA TC APH Helmet Of The KSK


AirsoftInCT continues explaining the gear of the German KSK going over the MSA TC APH Helmet this time... "Hey guys! This video goes over a couple of my MSA TC APH helmets! This helmet has been used by multiple European countries on top of the specialized units in the Bundeswehr."

Leo Köhler KSK Smock & Trousers Review


A review of the Leo Köhler KSK Smock & Trousers in PenCott GreenZone by SpartanAT is now online... "The Leo Koehler KSK Smock and combat trousers are made ​​for the toughest use. Every seam is rock solid, with high-quality materials used and the overall impression is very good. Of course robustness and versatility have one drawback: the weight of the smocks and the pants are of course far beyond a normal combat uniform.

Leo Köhler KSK Combat Trousers Review


The SCTDV crew have a written review out as of yesterday covering the Leo Köhler KSK Combat Trousers in PenCott GreenZone Camo pattern... "The pants are build like a rock. But can you expect anything different from Leo? I guess not. I heard that the civilian made products are not as strong as the KSK  issued ones (also made by Leo). But I simply can’t verify it. If it’s true…shit, the KSK issued pants quality must be monolithic!"

Chinese Type 56 SKS Real Steel Review


Airsoft Community Italy came out with a real steel review, with Etabeta reviewing the Chinese version of the Soviet SKS Carbine... "After the initial 'shock' due to the age of the weapon I tried to give an assessment as objective as possible, which was not influenced by age or origin of the rifle, whereas I belong to a generation that has never used the Garand.

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