APS CAM870 Review By Public Enemy


Don't worry Randall, you're hair's just fine. But you can always add some gel to make it stay there. Anyway, here's a quick but good review of the upcoming APS CAM870 which is the most anticipated airsoft M870 shotgun due to its realism and it doesn't come with an inne barrel. Find out how powerful it is near the end of the video.

Learn more at Public Enemy.

Public Enemy: Cybergun M&P9 Full Size Review


We see our content partner in Hong Kong, Public Enemy, now revving up for 2014 as last year was slow due to some concerns. In their new video, Junior, gives us a full review of the full size M&P9 Pistol from Cybergun. This is of course, fully licensed with all the necessary markings from the real steel seen in this pistol. Watch the video to learn more about this new pistol.

GHK M4 GBB Prototype Test Video


The video link was a tip from our friends from Public Enemy. Although the video is titled "GHK M4 GBB released" it actually shows a prototype of the GHK M4 Gas Blowback Rifle being tested. With the recoil of GHK GBB Rifles really good, ranging from their AKs to their G5 series, it's just about time they put this in an M4 GBB Rifle. No information on release date yet though.

Airsoft Surgeon Face/Off Gold 1911


We're scared to ask for the price of this gun made popular by the John Woo Movie, Face Off, where Castor Troy dual wields the pistols. An airsoft version made by Western Arms is available online for over US$500.00 but with the touch of the Airsoft Surgeon, we assume that this custom airsoft pistol would be even more exquisite.

Public Enemy: RWA MG34 Photos


Our friends from Public Enemy get an even better look at the upcoming RWA MG34 which will soon be available at RedWolf Airsoft. This collector's item AEG is finely detailed and made of aluminium, wood and steel. This also has its own custom gearbox with 7mm bearing. If you want this, be prepared to blow away your Christmas budget and hope your parents are still generous to you.

Boot Camp "Tour Of Duty" Photos


Our friends from Public Enemy are back with their amazing photos as the posted a set of photos containing the "Tour of Duty" Vietnam War Reenactment Photos taken at the Boot Camp, a wargame site in Hong Kong. A group of more than 30 airsoft players came together to take this shoot. "Tour of Duty" title reminds us of the Vietnam War TV Series which we consider to be the best Vietnam War story shown on TV.

WE MSK GBB Test & Custom QCB Version


More information as posted by our partner, Public Enemy on GFthe WE Airsoft MSK Gas Blowback Rifle with this video showing it being tested somewhere and fired in single shot and full auto modes. And from TAF Custom, they also announce a custom CQB WE MSK-E Gas Blowback which is available in Black and FDE colours.

TAF Glock Slide Racker for Stark Arms


Photos of the TAF Custom Glock Slide Racker are now posted at their Facebook Page, as shared by our friends from Public Enemy. These are specifically made for the Stark Arms series, G19/G17/G18. This slide racker would of course help you move the slide faster as you can readily hold and pull the slide with the racker. No pricing yet, but would surely give you some advantage in tactical and practical firing.

Guns Modify RMR Slide Set Pre-Order


Revealed by Public Enemy yesterday is this Guns Modify SAI RMR Slide Set Costa Version which is a limited edition product. The base gun is a Marui Glock 17 or 18c but recommeded to install it on te G17 since it's easiestto install whilst for the 18C, some modifications are still needed. The colour of the aluminium slide is Field Dark Earth (FDE), whilst the barrel is made of steel.

SR Union 1911 Pistol Slide Concept


Whilst we await announcement of any of their concept airsoft guns come into reality, SRU just released a concept slide for the 1911 Gas Blowback Pistol according to our friends from Public Enemy. Not much details whether this has the floating rail mount concept too but it does give the 1911 pistol more heft. The sighting system uses fibre optic which reminds us of the KJ Works KP-09 Gas Blowback Pistol.

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