Diles46 At BH7: Assault The Church!


Another footage from Diles46 showing the American Milsim Broken Home 7 gameplay... "Back at D-Day Paintball Adventure park for American Milsim's Broken Home 7. Yes I wrote 7. Coleville is the fictional town smack dab in the middle of the entire playable field. If UFS or Cost want to win the airsoft war, they have to first control Coleville!"

Robo-Airsoft: Broken Home 7 Part One


Robo-Airsoft crosses the U.S-Canada border again to join in the American Milsim Broken Home 7 event last month. Here is part one of his videos... "In this episode of PPT, we jump into Part One of my footage from American Milsim's Broken Home 7 - which took place at the end of May in OK, USA.

Robo-Airsoft Copperhead 3 Gameplay Part 2


Part 2 of Operation Copperhead gameplay taken by Robo-Airsoft an be viewed YouTube. This event took place last year.... "In this episode of Pew Pew Time - we jump into part two of my American Milsim's Copperhead 3 footage. We pick up with Delta squad being tasked with a FRAGO to find and secure a downed friendly pilot. We are trucked into the approximate location of the pilot, where we have to conduct house to house raids in order to find the pilot.

American Milsim 1850 Event Is Cancelled


American Milsim is coming to California. Operation 1850 is a continuation of the war of the states, players will have to choose which side they will be on and follow their uniform requirements. The event will take place at the George Airforce Base in Victorville, CA, 17-18 March 2018. Player participation is capped at 350 players and thus, interested airsofters will need to book as soon as they can to assure their slots.

Robo-Airsoft Gameplay: Copperhead 3 #1


Here is part 1 of the American Milsim Operation Copperhead 3 gameplay from Robo-Airsoft posted last year... "In this installment of PPT - we jump into a brand new gameplay series with the first episode of my American Milsim's Copperhead 3 footage. We start right off at the beginning of the event, with myself, Evike, and EG crews (as QRF) being dropped off in the middle of enemy held territory - only to be trapped in a house.

Check it out."

MilSim Bulletproof Glass Gameplay


Diles46 got his gameplay footage taken from Black Site of American Milsim available on his YouTube Channel... "Sometimes in airsoft or milsim, even plain glass windows can become bulletproof. When you throw some airsoft grenades into the mix, things really get interesting! Filmed at American Milsim's Black Site in Alabama, 2017. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and Like for more airsoft and milsim videos from me!"

Diles46: Airsoft Brit Kit Loadout


Diles46 shows the loadout he is putting together as he prepares for Black Site, an event being organised by American Milsim... "Getting the kit ready for the part of E-10 at American Milsim's upcoming event, Black Site. I normally don't go overboard with any particular 'impression' kit, but this one sure was a lot of fun and truly unique to see here in the USA. What is your favorite kit? Leave it in the comments below and thanks for watching!"

Copperhead 3: Breaching With Real Explosives


A new experience for Milsimers during the American Milsim Operation Copperhead 3 as reported by DesertFox Airsoft. They breached a building with real explosives, so how did they do it? This should be done under strict supervision by professionals in case you want to do this for the next milsim event.

DesertFox Copperhead 3: No Need To Rage


Another installment of the DesertFox Airsoft's coverage of American Milsim's Operation Copperhead 3... "There is almost never any reason to rage at an airsoft game.  Especially when a few simple steps can be done to avoid rage moments. Elite Force 4CRS airsoft AEG gameplay from American Milsim Operation: Copperhead 3 in Playas, New Mexico."

DesertFox Copperhead 3: Uzi Wrecks Show


Watch DesertFox Airsoft puts the KWC Uzi GBB SMG to good use during the American Milsim Operation Copperhead 3. In a previous video he showed how he put together the IDF loadout... "Jet DesertFox uses the KWC Airsoft Uzi gas blow back airsoft SMG at American Milsim Operation: Copperhead 3 and wrecks a house full of enemy UFS airsoft players."

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