How SpeedQB Started Documentary


How did the SpeedQB start? Watch this documentary from SpeedQB to learn about the history of the game... "This is the first episode of our SpeedQB Documentary Series. This series is all about the teams and players of our community. We start at our beginning, how SpeedQB started.

In Ep.1: Eric ($apo) rides shotgun with Ben, one of the founders of the original Molon Labe airsoft team. They talk about the origins of ML, origins of SYG, and how the competitive airsoft scene developed here in Southern California...becoming the sport and culture SpeedQB is today."

Operation Blacksheep at Shelby Documentary


Sheffield Leithart sent us this link of his documentary project called Operation Blacksheep at Shelby... "I recently released a short documentary on airsoft. It follows a team to a national event in the US, and chronicles their experience there. I'm selling it for $3-5 on my website (, and would love if you would check it out."

Russian Special Forces Documentary


This is an almost 23-minute documentary made by TV Zvezda... "A documentary about the top secret Russian military units. Unique outcomes of training and exercises with the best fighters of the FSB special forces. History and present of one of the world's most successful anti-terrorist centers. The film is about the people for whom homeland, honor and duty are not empty words. The film, which is expected. Dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Special Forces Center of FSB Russia."

Bulgarian Airsoft Docu Trailer 2013


You might think that this trailer is another fantasy video with flashing muzzles and ejecting shells in airsoft game, it is not in fact. This is an in game video which shows how an airsoft game is progressing, and it's not like some fully edited airsoft action. Anyway, this is a documentary on Bulgarian airsoft by Oragiecom, and we hope to see the finish product very soon.

"A Girl and A Gun" Documentary Trailer


We post stories about pink airsoft guns and we notice our male readers laughing or deriding such releases but for us, we don't scoff, women are increasingly turning to guns too. With airsoft companies releasing their pink versions, it means there is a market, and males are more than welcome to get their pink guns too. "A Girl and A Gun" is a documentary about the female in a male dominated gun culture.

OPSGEAR "Danger Calls: Haiti" Documentary


PRESS RELEASE: PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI -  On Tuesday, January 12, 2010 (PST) the Caribbean nation of Haiti was struck by a 7.0 M earthquake, killing approximately 250,000 people, and leaving an already destitute country in ruins. On January 29th, 120 volunteers with the Utah Hospital Task Force were deployed to assist in the Haitian disaster relief effort. And leading their security team were OPSGEAR® CEO David Burnell and Executive VP John West.

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