How Fast Can You Change Your AEG's Spring?


Will changing be as fast as changing the spring of an ICS Airsoft CXP APE AEG? Check this video out if you know which AEG gives a quick spring change feature faster than this. Saboter does a spring change on this ICS AEG... "Just showing how easy it is to change a spring on the ICS airsoft CXP APE aeg. Obviously time could have been better."

Gunfire Instant Video: ICS Airsoft CXP MARS PDW9 S3


A quick look at the CXP MARS PDW9 S3 AEG from ICS Airsoft in this Gunfire Instant Video... "The CXP-MARS PDW9 S3 submachine gun replica was made of the highest quality materials. MLOK handguard and receiver were made of metal in CNC technology. A durable, adjustable stock, ergonomic pistol grip, 350BB’s hi-cap magazine, and folding sights were made of durable polymer.

Misfits Airsoft DK On The ICS CXP Peleador AEG


One of the more affordable CXP AEGs from ICS Airsoft, the CXP Peleador, gets reviewed by Misfits Airsoft DK. This AEG is a Sportline, which is usually an entry level model but will always do the job right in the hands of a good airsoft player. It is mainy made of Polymer, including the M-Lok handguard, and it has the ICS split system gearbox that is equipped with a MOSFET.

Oh by the way, look at all those stickers on the AEG.

ICS CXP MARS PDW9 Coming To Fox Airsoft


Fox Airsoft are expecting the new ICS Airsoft CXP MARS PDW9 AEG to be available it their store... "The ICS CXP-MARS PDW9 is the newest evolution in submachineguns/pistol caliber carbines. Featuring the split version 2 style gearbox, this is the easiest gun to upgrade, repair, diagnose, and maintain making it a choice for players who want to get serious about their equipment.

ICS CXP-MARS PDW9 Feature Video


ICS Airsoft released a new video featuring their new CXP-MARS PDW9 AEG with the title "Smaller Round, Bigger Punch." This is now being shipped worldwide so check with your retailer if they are stocking up on this... "The PDW9 is the newest member of the CX-MARS family, and it is packed with ICS's most advanced SSS.II Electronic Trigger System, making this PCC AR an outstanding performer in the airsoft field.

ICS Airsoft CXP MARS PDW9 Now Shipping


The latest offering in the PDW/Subcompact AEG segment, the ICS Airsoft CXP MARS PDW9 is now shipping worldwide. Interested buyers can contact their nearest authorised dealers when they will have this in stock so they can place their orders... "The unique design of 20° Vertical Pistol Grip on the PDW9 makes it super easy and fast aiming at the target, and moving around in the smaller distance.

ICS CXP-MARS PDW9 Quick Review


Among the PDW-style 9mm AR AEGs to be released for 2020, the CXP-MARS PDW9 from ICS Airsoft is getting anticipation as airsoft players like the design of this AEG. Whether it will be used for SpeedQB or as the primary airsoft gun for CQB games, this AEG surely ticks the boxes. Here is a quick review of the AEG that was on display at the MOA Exhibition 2019 as done by, surprise, by ICS Airsoft's rep at the show.

0'20 Magazine: ICS CXP MARS PDW9


By now, many of you have already heard or read about the ICS CXP MARS PDW9, ICS Airsoft's entry into the 9mm AR Pisto/PDW style segment. This has fully CNC'd upper and lower receivers and uses the 6.5" inch "Komodo" M-Lok handguard. It has fully ambidextrous operations and the PDW style adjustable stock is also a battery compartment through the buffer tube. Cesar and Javi of 0'20 Magazine give their thoughts on this AEG in this video review (in Spanish):

Salty Old Gamer: ICS CXP MMR DMR


Salty Old Gamer takes a look at the ICS Airsoft CXP MMR DMR AEG and if it is worth the money you're paying for to own one... "Deep dive look at the ICS CXP MMR DMR Airsoft AEG. This could be the best stock airsoft DMR straight out of the box, without any additional upgrades. But, it comes at a very premium price. By the end of this video, you'll know if it's worth it."

Reapers Airsoft: ICS MARS PRO-Series 2019


Reapers Airsoft got to give a thorough look at the Limited Edition ICS MARS Pro-Series 2019. This AEG got features that airsoft players might want to consider in looking for a new AEG as this has the ICS SSS.II E-trigger system, Pre-cocking Function, Short-Stroke Flat Trigger, and the Electric Blowback System. Othe features are the lightweight M-Lok handguard, QD Spring Guide, one-piece Metal H-UP Chamber, and Safety to Release Spring Function. As always it has the signature ICS Split Gearbox.

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