TAGinn Mortar System Autumn Arrival At Airsoftjunkiez


The TAGInn “Dominus” M224-A1 Airsoft Mortar System is expected to be in stock at Airsoftjunkiez by Autumn of this year. This a realistic operating airsoft mortar system that is based on the US Army’s 60mm mortar, the M224-A1. However this is not a 60mm airsoft mortar but a 45mm for safety reasons.

Below is a video giving an overview of the system during the StrikeCon in Russia.

Red Army: New TAGinn Mortar System


Well, mortar rounds for use in airsoft event will be coming your way this year. Red Army Airsoft reports about this, reports about this and this is a mortar system, not only just the rounds... "An unexpected announcement from TAGinn that you can only speculate on. Obviously, the mortar shot in the photo. Judging by the description, the declared range is from 70 to 300 meters.

To our questions, the manufacturer revealed only the following facts:

Zoxna HL1+ Mortar Now Available


We saw the Zoxna HL1+ Mortar at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 and now it's finally released. You can get yours if you are a reseller from SKWAirsoft right now... "ZOXNA HL1+ MORTAR. Water balloon launching mortar for airsoft activities and training (safety forces). Launches water balloons at an approximate distance of 150 m. Actioned by co2. Up to 60 bar of pressure."

Scoutthedoggie: Airsoft Mortar Test At Section8


A quick video by Scoutthedoggie at Section8 in Scotland on an airsoft mortar built by the game field owner... Testing an Airsoft mortar during a game at Section8 on 11th June 2017. The game was based on the Mel Gibson movie 'We Were soldiers'. Site owner Neil built this out of scrap metal, then he and Ricky has some ear splitting fun testing this on site during the game. My ears are still ringing."

Homemade Airsoft Mortar Demo Video


Spazooo0 posted a video of his own homemade airsoft mortar. It is a simple contraption as it looks like it is made of PVC pipes and this fires foam rockets are projectiles. To propel the foam rockets to a good distance, it uses the 40mm gas grenade shells. Check the video below to find out more:

Evike.com: Skyways Airsoft Mortar


Evike.com are not done yet with their videos of Skyways Airsoft products at the SHOT Show 2016. After the grenades, claymore mine, and dummy bomb pro, an airsoft mortar was also on display at their booth. This mortar is different from the Hakkotsu Mortar that they have available at their online store as this uses a water balloon as projectile.

StraykArt Mortar Airsoft Gameplay Video


The Russian airsoft community surely have their pyro effects patted down well. Previously we posted a video from Red Army Airsoft about the airsoft mortar done by the Ural Gunsmith and now we see in action another airsoft pyro mortar from StraykArt. Which do you think is better?

Watch the video below and you can order one of these if it's legal in your country here.

Ural Gunsmith Airsoft Mortar Gameplay


Airsoft mortar from Ural Gunsmith shown in this video made by the Red Army Airsoft Club... "In this episode, we show you how to play on behalf of the mortar based on the closing of the season in the Urals. This video will show the work of the mortar from the Ural Gunsmith, and later will be another issue with mortar from StraykArt."

Hakkotsu Hades Arrow Airsoft Mortar


This mortar set is slowly getting into the hands of more airsoft retailers, and Evike.com is the latest one to have to this and they are selling this set for US$130.00... "The Hades Arrow is an Airsoft Mortar powered by C02 and Water. The projectiles can fly high in the sky and come down landing. In every package you will receive 1 Launcher, 2 Mortar Projectiles, and 1 C02 Charger.

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