The Firearm Blog's Kimber R7 Mako Microcompact 9mm Review


A good take by The Firearm Blog on the Kimber R7 Mako Microcompact 9mm pistol that was just recently released... "James Reeves reviews Kimber’s new R7 Mako microcompact 9mm handgun on today’s episode of TFBTV. The R7 Mako is a double-stack 9mm that is about an inch thick with an 11+1 capacity with a flush fit magazine or 13+1 with an extended magazine.

Army Armament Kimber R28 GBB Pistol At Destockage Games


A quick presentation by Destockage Games of the Army Armament Kimber R28 GBB Pistol they have in stock... "Let yourself be tempted by Army Armement's Kimber R-28 gas blowback (GBB)! This full metal 1911 type is fully compatible with Tokyo Marui parts. Based on the 1911 Kimber, it presents a nice base for internal and external customization. It's a semi-auto that you will want to bring to all your games. Kimber R28, available in two colors: Gray and Tan."

Western Arms Kimber Warrior John Wick 2 Model


Target-1 shows the Western Arms Kimber Warrior John Wick 2 Model, the 1911 pistol used in John Wick: Chapter 2 and this has the SOCCOM BLACK G10 Grips. We wish they also make the Kimber Super Carry used in the movie... "The 1911 custom Kimber Warrior Western Arms that appeared in the popular gun action movie "John Wick 2" starring Keanu Reeves faithfully reproduces the Kimber that appeared in the play with carbon black heavy weight & Magna blowback!

ARMY Armament R32-1 Kimber Sandstorm


Thai Airsoft Shop, ZB-Airsoft, does an unboxing video of the ARMY Armament R32-1 Kimber Sandstorm, released two years ago, this is has a reinforced slide and lower frame. It has an extended magazine giving you 30 rounds capacity and it can fire compatible CO2 magazine. Other features are ambidextrous thumb safety, low profile magwell, threaded muzzle, and unique serial number.

WA Kimber Warrior John Wick Model


Two of the pistols that Keanu Reeves used in John Wick were the Taran Tactical Innovations Combat Carry Glock 26 and the Taran Tactical Innovations Combat Master Glock 34. But there is also a 1911 in the form of the Kimber Warrior 1911 and there is an airsoft version made by Western Arms.

Hyperdouraku reviews the Western Arms Kimber Warrior 1911 Johh Wick Model.

5.11 Media: Kimber Micro 9 Pistol


5.11 Media (5.11 Tactical) at the SHOT Show 2016 shows a compact 1911 style from Kimber, the Micro Series was initially available with the.380 ACP and now it is available in 9mm and still carries the characteristics of a 1911 pistol... "New for the concealed carry market: Kimber introduces a pocketable 9mm 1911, the Micro 9."

eHobby Asia EAC Custom Kimber Series


Available right now at eHobby Asia is their EAC Custom Kimber Series. These are  1:1 scale GBB pistols with every detail of the real steel also seen in the externals. These are CNC-machined all metal part are made of stainless steel. It is a Heavy Weight Metal Construction (Over 1.1 Kilogram)  with the weight almost the same as the real one. Both GBB pistols come with their own free wood presentation box.

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