BirnyX: Airsoft Rulez! (Basic Rules of Airsoft)


Learn about the basic airsoft rules from the people who brought to you Airsoft vs Reality, Birnyx/Johny Deadline Picture Production. Watch it, it's guaranteed to make your day... "These are the basic airsoft rules. Supposed you know how to do airsoft, you follow these rules at all times. If you know some other interesting airsoft rules in your country, write a comment. It is a remake of our first successful video Airsoft Rulezz! with some cool extra scenes, so have fun and share it please."

Airsoft Bang Kill, Mercy Kill, Surrender Rule


Dr. Airsoft brings up these important airsoft rules in this video... "Airsoft Bang Kill, Mercy Kill, and Surrender Rules are discussed by Dr. Airsoft on this Airsoft Medicine video. Examples from actual airsoft games are used to demonstrate good and bad executions of this rule. Bang Kill rules should be clear, and players should be sure they fully understand how their field uses the Bang Kill rule.

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