Hyperdouraku: Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12 SBS GBB Shotgun


Mister Moro is back to tell us more about the Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12 SBS Gas Blowback Shotgun in this Hyperdouraku feature... "This model is a custom model of Tokyo Marui's original design based on the Saiga-12K released by the company in June 2023. The base model was only capable of semi-auto shooting, but it is now capable of full-auto shooting, has a shorter overall length, comes standard with a folding stock and AR grip, and has a Picatinny rail on the handguard."

Tokyo Marui Saiga-12 SBS GBB Shotgun Quick Feature


Tokyo Marui put out of a video of their recently released Saiga-12 SBS GBB Shotgun last week. The Saiga-12 SBS is a customizable gas blowback shotgun designed for close quarters combat. It features a shortened barrel with six-position adjustability, a full-auto firing mode that fires 3 rounds per shot, an enhanced stock, and a removable rail on the handguard for mounting accessories.

Tokyo Marui Pre-Orders At Land Warrior Sports


The latest Tokyo Marui releases such as the SAIGA-12 SBS and Chisato's handgun are now on pre-order at Land Warrior Sports... "Incoming greatness at Land Warrior? Hell yeah!

Tokyo Marui is a name that needs no introduction, as a true founding member of airsoft worldwide they still make some of the best products to hit the market to this day! And we have some of their latest and greatest coming to LW for those in the UK wanting to treat themselves to something awesome!

Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12 SBS GBBS 28 March Release


Tokyo Marui wasted no time in following up on the first gas blowback shotgun it produced, the SAIGA-12K GBBS with the more compact SAIGA-12 SBS GBBS that can fire at full auto and they are scheduling for a release on the 28 of March 2023... "The second installment of the gas blowback shotgun series is the Saiga-12 SBS, which adds a full-auto (repeated fire) mode!

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