AK105 Kochevnik AEG Replica #4


BEN en 3D feature the 3D Printed AK105 Kochevnik AEG with the design available online. A bullpup and a head-turner with its unique design. It’s equipped with a durshlag flash hider, lending it a formidable appearance. The assembly is possible for all versions, provided the replica is available. For the kit, it’s highly recommended to allow him to install the engine cage.

3D Printed FAMAS Felin AEG Conversion Kit Part 1


Ben en 3D shows the work of Tiksam convering a FAMAS F1 into a Felin variant using a 3D Printed Conversion Kit. The CG airsoft replica mount kit, which also has a specific version for the TM replica, is a simple printable kit that requires minimal tools. It’s designed to be user-friendly, even for those who aren’t particularly handy but can use basic tools.

3D Printed SAR21 AEG Overview


This is a first look at the 3D Printed SAR21 AEG as shown by BEN en 3D... "The SAR21 MMS 15" AEG project is finally finished, so we're talking about it. SAR21 MMS 15" AEG designed and produced by BENen3D. First replica in the world available for the airsoft market."

AK105 Kochevnik Airsoft AEG #3


BEN and 3D show their 3D Printed AK105 Kochevnik AEG #3 in this bullpup project. They say the Kochevnik, is a head-turning custom AK105 bullpup conversion kit for your CM.047D airsoft gun. Choose from a kit with or without a mosfet, or opt for a complete replica built to your specifications. With a programmable mosfet, multiple firing modes, and a weight of around 4kg.

AK105 Bullpup AEG Airsoft #2


Another presentation by Ben en 3D of a 3D printed AK105 Bullpup kit. FThis eye-catching custom AK105 "Kochevnik" bullpup conversion kit boasts a unique and divisive design, featuring a durshlag flash hider. The kit includes all components for installation on specific airsoft models, but requires irreversible modifications and technical expertise. For optimal performance, professional engine cage installation is recommended.

VEPR Bullpup Airsoft Replica


BEN n 3D shows the VEPR Bullpup Airsoft Replica using 3D printed parts. This short video presents an atypical and relatively unknown replica: the Ukrainian VEPR bullpup. Although the Ukrainian platform was never adopted, this custom project is based on the CM.048 AEG.

3D Printed AK105 Custom Bullpup AEG Project Part 1


BEN and 3D shows his 3D Printed AK105 Custom Bullpup AEG and you can find his 3D printed airsoft projects at his website... " This is not a weapon but a toy intended for airsoft. First video to talk about a Custom Bullpup based on AK105 made by BENen3D."

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