BB Dynamics: VSR10 Wolverine Bolt


BB Dynamics show what they say is the best HPA sniper platform build using the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt HPA System for the VSR-10 of Tokyo Marui and other compatible airsoft sniper rifles from other companies... "In this video we show what the best HPA airsoft sniper build. Look on some of these pages for more info on this build."

SSG24 vs TM VSR-10 vs SW M24


Skillshot Airsoft does a comparison of three airsoft sniper rifles. In this video he has the Snow Wolf M24, the Tokyo Marui VSR-10, and Novritsch SSG-24 Sniper rifles. Watch the video if you agree with his assessment or not... "Check my channel for the gameplay videos of the SSG24 and the VSR10, as for the SW M24 i have a seperate Review video."

Airsoft Atlanta: Action Army VSR10 Rail


In stock at Airsoft Atlanta is something that will allow you to mount weapons accessories on the VSR-10 easily... "The Action Army VSR-10 Long Scope Rail Top Mount works on all VSR10 and compatible clones. Made of high quality lightweight CNC aluminum, this very long top-mount rail fits over your existing screw holes on the small original mount. Simply remove that, install this.

Product Updates from King Arms


Update from King Arms as they send in news about three types of VSR-10 and M700 scope mount base that are available right now for interested distributors and retailers. Also for KWA KRISS Vector Gas Blowback SMG users, they are also coming out with a Steel Outer Barrel for the KRISS Vector GBB soon as shown in the illustration above.

CWI Custom GHK AKM Spetsnaz GBB & More


You're not out there skirmishing with your buddies, are you? Obviously you're not since you're reading the  stories we posted for this weekend. What you're reading now are about products available at CWI Airsoft in Taiwan with their custom GHK AKM Spetsnaz GBB with a PBS1 silencer which would surely attract a lot of AK fans out there. But be prepared to cough up a hefty budget for this.

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