VFC Olympic Arms AR15 GBB Review


Heavy Metal Jacket Airsoft gives hit take on a rather GBB rifle from VFC, the Olympic Arms AR15... "This video looks at the VFC Olympic Arms AR15. Something that seems to have slipped under the radar over here in the UK. It's a really neat little package, utilising VFCs proven and reliable V3 gas system and is a very affordable way into the platform."

VFC MP5 GBB Cold Weather Test


Cold weather conditions are the bane of gas powered airsoft guns, will the VFC MP5 GBB be able to perform acceptably? Heavy Metal Jacket Airsoft tests it in this video... "MP5 vs THE COLD. Putting this little ripper through it's paces in the "extreme" cold. Sub zero temperatures and frozen magazines are enough to put any GBBR out of action. This little guy has a reputation of being the best gas submachinegun on the market. How well does it stack up to the elements?"

Hi-Capa vs 1911 In Airsoft


Is the 1911 obselete in airsoft? Heavy Metal Jacket Airsoft try to find out in this video... "Rant about the positives and shortcomings of the airsoft replicas of God's Greatest calibred winner of two world wars pistols, the 1911. In a world of modern airsoft handgun benefits, are good old 1911s no more useul than a mere holster filler?"

"Berettas Are Better"


Heavy Metal Jacket Airsoft shows his collection of airsoft Beretta M92s and why he finds them better... "The good guy gun! Berettas are better. Found in the hands of all our favourite action movie heros. In this video we look at my collection of M92 variants and why I'm obsessed with them. - Literally have gun grease on my face the entire time filming this."

VFC V3 Gas Blowback Rifle System The Best?


Will there be disagreements in this given that there GHK and Marui GBBs? But first, let's hear Heavy Metal Jacket Airsoft out... "In Airsoft, GBBR tech has come a long way in recent years, with companies like (obviously) Tokyo Marui leading the way with their proven MWS system. But what of the competitors? This video looks at (in my opinion) TM's biggest competitor, VFC; As I put it through it's paces in this cold weather test.

Did VFC Make The Best MP5 GBB SMG?


What do you think? Well, many of you have been waiting for a Marui version but it seems the Japanese airsoft company is content with the NGRS series for now. Watch Heavy Metal Jacket Airsoft shares what he thinks in this video... "'Tis the season to Die Hard, nearly. Here's my two cents on the MP5 GBB V2 from VFC. In short...it F***s."

Is The WELL R4 MP7 AEP Worth It?


Heavy Metal Jacket Airsoft takes a look at the WELL R4 MP7 AEP if it is worth the money paid for it and it is an affordable MP7 AEP. Our experience when it was first introduced was to recommend sticking with the Marui one, but were there improvements over time? Wathc the video... "In this video we take a look at this inexpensive option for an airsoft MP7 and how if set up nicely, it can make quite an effective CQB primary."

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