GM6 Lynx Gas Blowback Rifle Demo


PlaSSO shows the GM6 Lynx Shell-Ejecting Airsoft rifle which is based on the 50 BMG Gepárd anti-materiel rifle. This is airsoft version is made in South Korea and one was first spotted last year. This was in use in the Soviet Union, Warsaw Pact and China. It is also used by Canada, UK and India.

Academy M416 AEG AR-57 Mod Version 1


PlaSSo shows his ongoing project of converting an Academy Airsoft M416 (HK416) AEG into an AR-57 AEG. This conversion allows him to use the P90 AEG magazine on this AEG. It is just a project, but if you are interested in one, there are already AR57 AEGs in the market. Where? Just ask your friendly airsoft retailer near you.

Gunstorm Robocop "Auto Nine" Airsoft Springer Pistol


PlaSSo tries the Gunstorm Robocop "Auto Nine" Airsoft Springer Pistol in this video review. There are gas blowback Auto 9s in the airsoft market, and the pistol is based on the Beretta 93R, the select-fire version of the Beretta 92, which has a custom compensator and able to fire three round busts. This should be good for some cosplay events.

PlaSSo On The Academy MP40 Springer


PlaSSo takes a look at the Academy MP40 Springer Pistol which he says is just begging to be given a paintjob, so he gave it one. An airsoft gun that is made of thermoplastic (polyamide 6) resin with iron powders mixed in, the MP 40 (Metal Grade) has a realistic look and feel of a real gun, as well as enhanced durability and weight.

DIY Beam Magnum Using AAP-01 As The Base Gun


We have seen kits that allow you to convert your Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol into the weapons seen in the Gundam series. In this video PlaSSo shows how he made his own Gundam Beam Magnum using 3D Printing to build a kit for the AAP-01. The Beam Magnum is a powerful handheld gun used by the RX-0 series mobile suits. It fires beams that are hotter than the sun and can destroy a mobile armor with one shot.

Airsoft FN SCAR 57 With P90 Magazine


In this video by PlaSSo, he shows an airsoft rifle that takes some of the best bits from FN Herstal --- an FN SCAR rifle that uses an 5.7mm magazine in the form of the P90-style AEG magazine. This is a custom job so don't expect it to be mass produced for the airsoft market... "I wanted to make an AR-type toy gun that uses a P90 magazine like AR57 and FSS Hurricane."

AAP-01 Beam Rifle & Zaku Machine Gun Custom Gas Blowbacks


PlaSSo shows two custom works that fans of the Gundam series would be happy to take note, Beam Rifle and Zaku Machine Gun RX-78 beam rifle..These custom works use the Action Army AAP-01 Assassin Gas Blowback pistol which is the most customised airsoft pistol these days, rivaling that of the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa GBB Series.

Correction: The rifle is a RX-78 beam rifle as pointed out by Clijster John L. Franco on Facebook.

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