Specna Arms FLEX SA-F01 AEG Unboxing


An unboxing of the affordable Specna Arms SA-F01 FLEX Compact Carbine AEG by Tactical Chicano so you can also have an idea what's in the package... "Today we are unboxing the SA-F01 Flex from Specna Arms. I can tell you right now that for the price range and the SA-F01 Flex performs very well, even with a 7.4v battery. What do you think about it? Is Specna Arms your type of brand?"

Is The Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol Worth It?


Probably the most famous airsoft GBB pistol in recent years due to myriad ways of customising it, Tactical Chicano talks about the Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol if it is really worth buying it in this video. The Action Army AAP-01 is a green gas-powered pistol with a polymer frame and a threaded outer barrel. It is similar to the Ruger MK4 and features a fair amount of felt recoil and snappy cycling. The AAP-01 is also semi-automatic and full-automatic, making it a versatile and fun gun to shoot.

KWA KO Series EVE 4 AEG As A Luxury Budget AEG


It looks like the Tactical Chicano finds the KWA KO Series EVE 4 to give the most bang for the buck. The KWA KO EVE-4 AEG is a lighter M4-style AEG with a polymer receiver and MLOK handguard. It has a side charging handle, a vertical grip, a PDW stock, PTS sights, a muzzle brake, ambi fire controls, and QD sockets. It has a 2.5+ VPS gearbox and can take an electronic trigger group. It is a fast and reliable polymer AEG from KWA.

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