KSK Holsters From 2010-2013


AirsoftInCT got some holster setups used by the Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK) or the German Special Forces Command from 2010-2013... "This video shares some of the holster setups used by the KSK from 2010-2013! These are all approved options for KvB's DA kit so hopefully you found this helpful."

The MSA TC APH Helmet Of The KSK


AirsoftInCT continues explaining the gear of the German KSK going over the MSA TC APH Helmet this time... "Hey guys! This video goes over a couple of my MSA TC APH helmets! This helmet has been used by multiple European countries on top of the specialized units in the Bundeswehr."

AirsofinCT: Thales Lucie Overview


The compact night vision goggle, the Thales Lucie NVG, gets reviewed by AirsoftinCT... "Today I'm excited to show you my Thales Lucie NVGs (French OB70). I've owned this set for just about a year and have used it at multiple MSW events, hiking, and camping. I figured it would be a good time to show you this neat NOD and share some thoughts and a quick how-to-use! "

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