Heretic Labs Tank Grip Installation


In this episode of "What The Tech" by Wolverine Airsoft, they show you how to install the Heretic Labs Tank Grip... "Take the weight off your shoulders with the Heretic Labs Tank Grip. Attach an HPA tank directly into your Heretic or MTW-Spec HPA replica and you’re ready to go. Powered by the lightning-fast Wolverine Airsoft Storm Category 5 Regulator, this grip is the ultimate upgrade to dominate the speedsoft arena.


Heretic Labs Drop Stock Adapter Installation


In Wolverine Airsoft's "What The Tech" they show how to install the Heretic Labs Drop Stock Adapter. This is made of CNC aluminum and has an anodized finish that is not only lightweight and durable but also aesthetically pleasing. Its innovative design includes a swappable buffer tube base that allows it to be used with either a traditional AEG body or any MTW spec platform, including the Heretic Labs articles series and any Forged, Billet, or 9mm MTW...

Heretic Labs Article 1 Speed Trigger Adjustment Tutorial


We'll be seeing more of Wolverine Airsoft's spin-off business, Heretic Labs which makes products for Speedsoft use. In this video, Airsoft 137 shows how to adjust/fine tune the Heretic Labs Article 1 Speed Trigger... "You had been asking for it so here it is guys!

Heretic Labs Speed Trigger Installation


Here is a tutorial from Wolverine Airsoft on the the Heretic Labs Speed Trigger for those who want to install it on their Wolverine MTW HPA rifle. Once installed it a provides short, smooth pull with a crisp, tactile feel when pulled. For advanced they give support for optional 3-way travel adjustment to allow tuning to true hair trigger travel.

Wolverine Airsoft & Heretic Labs At The IWA Outdoor Classics 2023


Rich Lort of Wolverine Airsoft at the RWA display area during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2023 shows us the MTW-9 compact HPA airsoft gun which is their latest release, as well as the famous Inferno Gen 2 HPA Engine. He also talks about the HPA Tank Stock for WRAITH X for those looking an easy to attach stock to use with Wraith X and the STORM regulator.

The Heretic Labs Speed Trigger


Rich Lort of Heretic Labs (and Wolverine Airsoft), talks about the Heretic Labs Speed Trigger designed to use with the Wolverine Airsoft MTW HPA platform.. "The Heretic labs speed trigger offers next level feel and adjustability for any MTW spec platform." At SHOT Show 2023: Wolverine Airsoft & Heretic Labs


There are still more videos from taken at the SHOT 2023 and this video features Wolverine Airsoft and Heretic Labs, where Rich tells what they have been concocting... "We met Rich from Wolverine Airsoft in PTS Syndicate's booth at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas, USA. He showed the upcoming “EPM MTW” magazine, which is fully compatible with Wolverine Airsoft’s MTW platform, so it offers the empty mag detection functionality.

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