Tokyo Marui Colt M16A2 MWS GBBR Assembly


A better video from Nextgen Retros showing their retro builds of airsoft rifles using the Tokyo Marui MWS gas tech. In this video they show how to make a custom Tokyo Marui M16A1 MWS Gas Blowback Rifle... "This is the assembly of my Tokyo Marui MWS with the Angry Gun M16A2 USGI Receiver Kit.

Kit List:

Inokatsu Colt M16A2 Gas Blowback Rifle


Nothing much is heard from Inokatsu these days, especially since it was acquired by Cybergun. Nevertheless an Inokatsu model pops up once in a while on YouTube and NextGen Retros feature an Inokatsu Colt M16A2 GBBR. This custom-retro airsoft gun is comes with a steel barrel with NATO markings, forged receiver with steel internals plus an M16A4 (with Burst) Marking, Vltor Aluminium Super light Boltcarrier, and a Prowin 30rd gas magazine.

Custom Tokyo Marui Colt M16A2 NGRS With G&P M203


Nextgen Retros got something for those who like the Blackhawk down loadout --- a customised Tokyo Marui Colt M16A2 NGRS that is equipped with the G&P M203 40mm BB shower launcher. Just bad trigger discipline in the video ruins it... "Got this G&P M203 with heatshield today, really nice combination! But also very heavy.

Quality and Markings from the M203 are awesome!

I bought the E&C Upper and Otter parts from"

Specna Arms "Scarface" SA-G01 Review


Airsoft Review en Español reviews the Specna Arms "Scarface" SA-G01 AEG which has been available for several years now at airsoft retailers in Europe. The SA-601 is a combo M16A2 and M203 launcher that has the Enter and Convert QD Spring Change System. This does not come with a 40mm Gas Grenade Shell.

It's called the "Scarface" as it was the gun used by Al Pacino in "Scarface" that was released in the 1980s.

Custom M16A2 GBB Carbine Test


Ken 927 got this fully customised M16A2 Gas Blowback Carbine. If our translation is correct this is Western Arms GBB system transformation with the GHK Magazine, and G&P parts. The magazine and gas were placed inside a refrigerator at -3 degrees Celcius for 15 minutes. Watch the video how the rifle kicks if it is to your satisfaction.

AGM M16A2 AEG At eHobby Asia


New AGM AEG in stock at eHobby Asia. The AGM M16A2 has full metal receiver, front sight, outer barrel and flash hider with ABS Stock. The markings on the receiver show "AGM", rather than your favourite trades, and a battery case is included that can accommodate an 8.4v mini battery which is part of the package. This is being sold for US$146.00 and comes with either an Magpul PTS EMAG or PMAG of your own choosing.

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