TTI Infinity Brass TDC Hop-Up Chamber For Hi-Capa


Clyde Santos got his hands on a prototype TTI Infinity brass TDC Hop-up chamber for the Hi-Capa gas blowback pistol and here is what he says about it... "The much awaited TTI Infinity brass chamber. Is it nexxspeed killer? Lets find out once they release the final product. This item is protype!"

Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa TDC Hop Up Chamber Set Test


JK Army does what it calls the ultimate test of the TM Hi-Capa TDC Hop Up Chamber Set. They have the sets available from different brands but which is the best? Watch the video below to find out and have an understanding what TDC is all about in airsoft.

Nine Ball TDC Outer Barrels


Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology is the special guest of Marck West of Laylax International and they talk about Nine Ball TDC Outer Barrels for the Hi-Capa GBB Pistol... "Special Episode featuring everyone's favorite Jonathan from @Airsoftology. Today we dive into a highly anticipated product that some of you might have gotten your hands on already, the TDC Outer Barrel! What's the hype all about?

RA-Tech M14 Lv3 + TNT New TDC Hop-Up ASMR


In this ASMR session with 4UAD Smart Airsoft, they feature the RA-Tech M14 Lv3 with a TNT New TDC Hop-Up installed. The RA-Tech M14 Lv3 is customised WE Airsoft M14 Gas Blowback Rifle with a big portion of the internal parts made up of RA-Tech's own upgrade parts.

Slong Airsoft TDC TSR-100, WSR-100, CSR-10 Assembly Steps


Slong Airsoft got three different types of airsoft snipers based on the VSR-10 for you to choose from: TSR-100, WSR-100, and CSR-10. The CSR-10 is a more stripped down version; the TSR-100 is more full length version but it has CQB version; and the WSR-100 TSR-100 that has wood furniture. Below is the video showing how you can install the TDC Hop-Up Kit yourself and you can adjust it easily from the outside.

Installing The Hadron "Loki" TDC Hop-Up Unit For AAP-01


Video from Hadron Airsoft Designs showing how to install the "Loki" TDC hop unit on the Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol... "In this video, we cover the full installation of the "Loki" TDC hop unit, into the Action Army AAP-01 airsoft pew pew.

We used the stock barrel, with a 'Snipermechanics' Flamingo 60 degree.

It's a simple procedure, using minimal tools. Enjoy the 0.2 to 0.5 bb lifting capability, with incredible long range accuracy.

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