Black Reapers Cahors: Cybergun/KWC Desert Eagle L6 CO2


We get another comprehensive look at the Cybergun Desert Eagle L6 CO2 Blowback Pistol made by KWC and licensed by Magnum Research. Black Reapers Cahors do the honours this time... "Hi there! Today, still in partnership with the CYBERGUN STORE, we offer you the review of the Magnum Research Desert Eagle L6 CO2 from Cybergun."

Ascend DP17 Deadpool Custom Metal Version GBB Pistol


Black Reapers Cahors checks out the Ascend DP17 Deadpool Custom Metal Version GBB Pistol if it is fun one to shoot with. This is based on the WE Airsoft Glock 17 GBB pistol customised to the taste of Deadpool and comes with the Custom force trigger. This comes with a 24-BB round gas magazine... "Hi there! Today, find the video review of the Glock DP17 Deadpool Custom by Torn!"

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07 Dec 2022

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