Testing An Airsoft Smoke Suppressor


Jaeger Precision got a package containing an Airsoft Smoke Suppressor to test out. Boosting realism and firing accuracy, this smoke generator adds an immersive combat edge to airsoft and gel blaster games, reliably performing in any weather.

Putting Together The Toxicant MCX Rattler MWS GBBR


Jaeger Precision sets up the Toxicant MCX MWS Kit in this video. This is a gas blowback (GBB) conversion kit designed for airsoft enthusiasts. It boasts a realistic MCX-style design and is constructed from durable CNC-machined aluminum. This kit comes pre-installed with an MWS system featuring a steel bolt carrier and trigger, enhancing accuracy, stability, and recoil for a more immersive airsoft experience.

Installing The Lambda Defence SD Kit For GHM9-G GBB


In this video, Jaeger Precision demonstrates how to install the Lambda Defence SD Kit for the B&T GHM9-G GBB, a must-have accessory for this gas blowback rifle. The kit is made of metal and features an M-LOK mounting system and a 20mm 1913 rail handguard, allowing for various attachments and customization options. The kit is fully compatible with the B&T GHM9-G GBB and enhances its performance and aesthetics.

Putting Together The Toxicant Airsoft MWS MCX Rattler GBB Kit


Jaeger Precision like what they see when they converted a Tokyo Marui MWS into an MCX GBB with the Toxicant Airsoft MWS MCX Rattler GBB Kit. The agile and versatile Toxicant MCX Rattler, a limited edition kit Tokyo Marui MWS GBB with upgraded internals, is perfect for fast-moving operators seeking precision and maneuverability in a stylish package.

Installing A Para Stock To A VFC GBB M249 GBB LMG


If you can't wait for a Para version of the VFC M249 GBB, you might as well do a modding by adding a para stock. In this video, Jaeger Precision shows how it is done. The VFC M249 GBB is a recent release and it is the only M249 GBB in the world as of this writing.

HPA Powered VFC M249 GBB Conversion


We are expecting this to happen when it gets released. That airsoft players will want an HPA powered one. In this video, Jaeger Precision shows how it is done. The VFC FN M249 GBB Airsoft LMG is said to have set a new standard for lightweight machine guns, tipping the scales at a mere 3640g thanks to its ultra-light aluminum alloy main structure.

Jaeger Precision On The Lambda Defence B&T GHM9-G GBB


Jaeger Precision takes apart of the Lambda Defence B&T GHM9-G GBB to find out its build quality. The Lambda GHM9-G Airsoft GBB SMG Rifle is a replica of the B&T GHM-9, designed for dynamic airsoft shooting. It features an integrated shoulder stock, hydraulic recoil damping, and is constructed from high-quality components.

Custom Noveske N4 MWS Clone Magazine Disassembly


Jaeger Precision does a disassembly of the Custom Noveske N4 MWS gas magazine. This Noveske N4 is the Double Eagle one that uses a clone of the famous MWS ZET system made by Tokyo Marui that is known for its robust build quality. Externally, the rifle has all the correct Noveske markings and a 10.5-inch barrel length, making it ideal for CQB. It also has M-Lok and Picatinny rails for accessories, QD points on the stock for sling attachments, and a Mapul-style Pistol grip and stock.

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