SLONG TSR-100 TDC Spring Sniper TMB


Looking for a new airsoft sniper rifle? SLONG Airoft, more known for upgrade parts, have been releasing complete airsoft guns in recent years. They have the SLONG TSR-100 TDC Spring Sniper TMB available in different colour schemes and should be at some sellers near you. Full specs below:

Sniper for all top spec kits:

Jeff The Kid: SLONG TSR-100 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle


Jeff The Kid does a comprehensive review of another complete airsoft rifle offering from SLONG Airsoft, the SLONG TSR-100 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle... "Maybe it’s because of the recent frequent shootings abroad. This review of the film is unusually long. I’m here to observe a moment of silence for the people who have passed away and condemn those who committed atrocities. The gun itself is innocent and guilty. It’s those who use guns to do bad things.

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