Golgy Reviews The KWA/Umarex Beretta PMX GBB


The fully licensed Umarex Beretta PMX GBB made by KWA, is reviewed and tested by Golgy, A Sunday Gamer. The Beretta PMX is a lightweight and compact airsoft submachine gun designed for close-quarters combat. Made from durable fiberglass-reinforced polymer, it features realistic blowback, adjustable hop-up, ambidextrous controls, and a quad rail system for customization, making it ideal for CQB scenarios.

0'20 Magazine With The Umarex Beretta PMX GBB


Javier of 0'20 Magazine goes over the features of the licensed Umarex Beretta PMX GBB. The Beretta PMX, designed for close quarter operations, is a lightweight, compact submachine gun with universal accessory compatibility, making it a favorite among professional firearm operators worldwide. As a gas-operated airsoft gun, it excels in scenarios like house combat, thanks to its robust, low-weight body made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer.

Umarex Beretta PMX GBB SMG Full Review


After releasing an initial video, the Middle Aged Gamer follows up with a full review of the Umarex Beretta PMX GBB SMG... "We take a look at the brand new Umarex Berretta PMX GBB SMG, we put this outstanding SMG to the test and tare it down to see how it all works.

This could be one of the best GBB SMG's for the price!"

Patrol Base: Umarex Beretta PMX GBB SMG


Stu goes over the Umarex Beretta PMX GBB SMG in this Patrol Base video. The PMX boasts ambidextrous controls across the design, a high density polymer upper and lower receiver with an aluminium sub-receiver, ambidextrous steel sling points and the front and rear and a rock solid side folding stock which combines the best aspects of other folding stock designs.

The Middle Aged Gamer Unboxes Beretta PMX


We get to see another unboxing of the new Beretta PMX gas blowback from Umarex in this video made by the Middle Aged Gamer... "We Unbox the latest Umarex Airsoft GBB product the 2024 Barretta PMX SMG. This is new SMG features KWA's newest gas system and is a definite improvement! This it a work of art!"

Umarex/KWA Beretta PMX GBB Unboxing


Fully licensed Umarex Beretta PMX GBB SMG made by KWA is unboxed in this video by BB2K Airsoft... "When I saw the Umarex / KWA Beretta PMX Gas Blowback at the IWA2023, it was immediately on my "must have" list. The successor to the legendary Beretta M12 comes in a modern look. It is fully ambidextrous, lightweight and compact. Together we unpack the new member of my collection and get a first impression. I test the magazine of the KWA B&T MP9 and a small disassembly and look inside is also included.

The Firearm Blog's Beretta PMX Review


Beretta got a new PCC that is now in the U.S. and it is something we like to see in airsoft, the Beretta PMX. The Fireaarm Blog got one to fully check its specifications and performance for this video review... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves reviews the Beretta PMX, which is about to be imported into the United States as the Beretta PMXs.

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