Another Specna Arms SA-E19 Edge DDMK18 Review


Grim The Berseker gives his take on one of the popular AEGs fron Specna Arms, the Specna Arms SA-E19 Edge DDMK18. This a Specna Arms top-of-the-line airsoft rifle featuring licensed Daniel Defense markings, Nano Coating finish, individual serial number, MOSFET for better trigger response, and high-grade internal parts for lasting performance. It also includes two magazines, RIS rail vertical grip, and various certificates for authenticity and quality. 

Specna Arms MK18 SA-E19 EDGE AEG Review


Turkish language airsoft YouTube Channel Edoyman Airsoft give their take on the licensed Specna Arms MK18 SA-E19 EDGE AEG... "Here is a licensed Daniel DefenseĀ® product, produced in cooperation with EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group) and Specna Arms, and presented to us by ARMORION. MK18 SA-E19 EDGE."

Geonox Airsoft: SAC Specna Arms SA-E19 EDGE Daniel Defense MK18 AEG


Geonox Airsoft reviews a MK18 AEG with upgrades, the SAC Specna Arms SA E19 Edge Daniel Defense MK18 AEG... "In this video we look at the SAC Specna Arms SA E19 Edge Daniel Defense MK18. It is an SA E19 Edge, which comes with a spring quick-change system and very tight air-seal internals. In addition, a Gate Titan was installed here, a Davinci barrel, a Nova Speed Trigger, a Super High Torque motor and 13:1 MIM steel speed gears."

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