Mag Choices For The MTW Build


For HPA airsoft users looking into getting the Wolverine Airsoft MTW HPA rifle, there are options in magazines to use with it. In this video, Jaeger Precision shows the available magazines such as those coming from Wolverine's own MTW magazine and the EPM magazines from PTS Syndicate.

Gray Fox Silent Wolverine MTW Gameplay


With a ghillie suit to stay stealthy, Gray Fox goes into action with the Wolverine MTW HPA rifle. The Wolverine MTW, when fitted with the Wraith Stock, is incredibly nimble and quiet. Coupled with a custom ghillie setup, it leaves adversaries clueless about the source of the shots.

Wolverine Airsoft MTW Billet Series


Soon to be released this year is the HPA MTW Billet Series from Wolverine Airsoft... "Contemplating getting the HPA advantage but don't know where to start? The Billet Series Unleashed upgrades our most battle tested MTW with the Wraith X HPA stock and 13/3000cu HPA tank for the readiest out-of-the-box HPA replica."

Installing The Silent Industries MTW Alpha Hop Unit


Watch the Airsoft Camman as he shows how to install the Silent Industries MTW Alpha Hop Unit in the video... "Installing the Silent Industries Alpha Hop Unit into a Wolverine MTW. The Silent Industries Hop Chamber is a popular choice for lots of MTW owners."

Wolverine Airsoft MTW Black Edition At Airsoftjunkiez


A quick presentation by Airsoftjunkiez of the limited edition Wolverine Airsoft MTW Black HPA rifle that they have at their store. The Wolverine MTW Black Limited Edition is a Gen 3 model that boasts a 7” Billet MTW and is equipped with an INFERNO Gen 2 with Spartan Electronics. It features a PDW collapsible stock for easy handling and a Warthog Flash Hider for improved performance.

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