KWA M10 & Q10 Are Now Available


KWA introduces the M10 and Q10 which they just recently released in this video from KWA Insider... "Introducing the new KWA Q10 and M10.

Watch an epic battle between Undead Fred and Airsoft Samurai going at it to see who comes out on top!

Tanaka Works S&W M10 M&P 4" Disassembly


Revolver John takes the S&W M10 M&P 4" revolver from Tanaka Works apart and puts it together again to show its various components in an attempt to fix it... "This Tanaka Smith & Wesson M10 was bought at KIC many years ago. I found the revolver wouldn't fire anymore at about three years ago, and I couldn't pump the gas into the gas cylinder, either. Lost of the gun diagram and lack of tools restrained me from any attempt to fix the problem myself. Until now...

Incoming! KWA M10 & Q10 AEGs


KWA will be releasing two new AEGs very soon, the KWA M10 & Q10 AEGs. In this video, gives us a look at these... "KWA is updating their flagship RM4 & VM4 AEG Rifles with their unique AEG 2.5 & AEG 3.0 Gearboxes.  Checkout what new updates are in store for 2022!

*Prototypes shown. Final product may vary."

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