Shoei Correction, MP43, MP43/1, & MP44 Updates


Tomio sent in a correction regarding one of the sellers of SHOEI products and more information regarding the the MP43, MP43/1, and MP44 gun models... "Hi again to all our devoted customers.

I committed one mistake with the announcement yesterday. It is the of a Seller 'MWM Gillmann GmbH' website address of Germany. The correct address is as follows:

I also received some questions and realized that my explanation was lacking.

New SHOEI MP43/1, MP43, And MP44 Model Guns


Collectors of SHOEI Model guns get to have good news as there is an update from Japanese company on their new MP43/1, MP43, and MP44 models and information where you can order in their respective countries and regions. Plus an MP40 model is being planned... "We have already announced on our website and Facebook, we are currently frantically producing MP43/1, MP43, and MP44 model guns.

Shoei MG42 & MP43 Stock Updates


An update from Tomio on their new batch of MG42s and stock updates on the MP43/1 and MP43 made by SHOEI... "Dear Friends: Thank you very much for your continued patronage. We are preparing soon the MG42 which carries the new engine unit. And we also are preparing the 'wooden' hand grip panel and butt stock which we have received many requests this time. The price is as follows:

MG42 Air Blowback BB Gun:

SHOEI MKb42(H), MP43/1 & MP43 News


Model gun collectors especially these MKb42(H), MP43/1(MKb42 receiver version), and MP43 German guns from SHOEI can now look forward to their availability... "Dear Friends: Thank you very much for your continued patronage.  We sell MKb42(H), MP43/1(MKb42 receiver version), and MP43 model gun very soon. The pricing is as follows:

MKb42(H) model gun:  150,000JPY / 1,913.99USD / 1,559.25EUR

Differences of the MP43/1, MP44 & StG44


Ever wondered the differences between the MP43/1 and MP44 as at first glance you don't see any differences at all? Shoei will explain for you as they are very much well-versed since they do manufacturer such German World War II replica firearms... "Dear Friends, Thank you very much for your continued patronage. The other day, I told you about sale of MP44 series model gun. And several friends asked me about the difference between MP43/1, and MP44 and StG44.

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24 Jun 2021

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