Removing Wobble From Your Marui MWS Receiver


Another tip from Ollie Talks Airsoft, who probably is a leading authority of Tokyo Marui Gas Blowback Rifles in the Western hemisphere This video is to remove wobble that will be annoying if it happens... "A quick and easy guide how to stop the wobble between your upper and lower receiver in your Tokyo Marui MWS Gas Blowback M4."

Cleaning An Inner Barrel Without A Cleaning Rod


Ollie Talks Airsoft got tips for you in case you need to clean your airsoft gun's inner barrel but there is no cleaning/unjamming rod lying around. As always make sure your inner barrels are clean as it will affect accuracy and range... "I'm sure lots of you will find this useful so I made a quick video about it."

Quick & Easy Gas Magazine Fix Tip


Ollie Talks Airsoft gives his tip on a quick and easy gas magazine leak fix... "A really easy way to fix your leaky Gas blowback mag, sometimes the fix is time and this is a prefect example. Im aware there are probably better things to use than silicone."

Nozzle Spring Install & MWS Airsoft Chat


More on the maintaining and learning more about the Tokyo Marui MWS Gas Blowback tech with Ollie Talks Airsoft... "The stock TM MWS nozzle spring always breaks so its worth knowing how its put together. Also chatting about malfunctions and a bit about the hop project."

Tokyo Marui AKM GBBR Basic Cleaning & Maintenance Guide


A helpful guide by Ollie Talks Airsoft for owners of thee Tokyo Marui AKM Gas Blowback Rifle... "This is how I clean my AKM GBBR, cleaning is a really important part of running a GBBR as opposed to an AEG. These things are way more fun to play with and in this video I have a few tips from things ive gotten wrong in over a decade of owning GBBR's. Learn from my mistakes!"

MWC Steel Bolt For The TM MWS GBBR


Ollie Talks Airsoft tries the MWC Steel Bolt for the Tokyo Marui MWS Gas Blowback Rifle if it is something he can recommend to other AKM GBBR owners... " Today i'm taking a look at the MWC Steel MR556 Bolt and seeing if its any good.

Ollie's First Impressions Of The Northeast Uzi GBB


Ollie Talks Airsoft takes some time off Tokyo Marui airsoft guns and go over a recently released gas blowback machine pistol, the Northeast Uzi Gas Blowback... "A look at the new MP2A1 by Northeast, its pretty awesome but its not without its issues, see my review for a brutally honest look at this iconic SMG.

Please be warned there is some foul language in some of the cut scenes, apologies for any offense caused."

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