Is The Sotac SRO RMR Worth It?


Ollie Talks Airsoft has got something to say about the affordable SRO RMR replica for airsoft use if it is something worth buying for your airsoft gun. Watch the 12 minute video to come to your own conclusions... "A quick look at the SRO sight by Sotacc, a replica of the Trijicon SRO but at a fraction of the cost."

The Best Anti-Fog Solution For Airsoft


According to Ollie Talks Airsoft, he found the best solution to fogging-up protective glasses in airsoft... "This is 100% the best combination ive ever used to combat foggy goggles whilst playing Airsoft whilst also keeping my eyes and teeth protected from incoming fire.

Thanks to BrainExploder for brining this awesome product to market.

Get your essentials face pro here I have no affiliation to Brain Exploder."

Ollie's First Airsoft Gun


Ollie Talks Airsoft shows us his very first airsoft gun, the Maruzen Micro Uzi GBB Machine Pistol. Already discontinued, it is a joy to shoot with its high rate of fire, like expending the magazine at almost the blink of an eye. When bought, it comes with a 20-BB round magazine... "Title says it all really, this was my first Airsoft gun over 20 years ago and its still going strong, unbelievable!!!"

T8 Window P-Mag For Tokyo Marui MWS GBBR


Ollie Talks Airsoft gets a first look at the T8 Window P-Mag For Tokyo Marui MWS Gas Blowback Rifle. It is a polymer case magazine which is claimed to have better sealing and efficiency as compared to tthe stock magazine. This has a capacity of 35BB rounds... "Talking about and taking a look at the first window p mag to come out for the MWS Airsoft GBBR, hear what I think about it."

Take The Sting Out Of Airsoft Headshots


A bit a controversy about intentional headshots in airsoft. Whether intentional or not, it'll always be stinging him and Ollie Talks Airsoft talks about bump cap inserts to take the sting out... "I got hold of one of the new Ergodyne Skullerz vented bump cap inserts, here what I think about this cheap upgrade that will take the sting out of headshots."

Ollie Talks Airsoft With Mike Of Pewhub


Just a quick one from Ollie Talks Airsoft with a long time friend of his, Mike of Pewhub... "Just had a chat with Mike who runs and has been a good friend of mine for many years, his shop is legit pretty good and he's the man for getting rare and cool Airsoft products both old and new!"

Tokyo Marui MWS Knowledge Drop


Ollie Talks Airsoft got a special guest to talk all about the Tokyo Marui MWS Gas Blowback System in this episode... "Met with one of my old friends. Alex to talk high level MWS, hope you all learn something from this video and if you want to see more like this in future let me know.

Massive thanks to Pew Devotee IOLAR, Father Saki2550 for running the Discord group."

VFC M110 NPAS Installation


Ollie Talks Airsoft shows how you can install the NPAS on the VFC M110... "So this video is for installing an NPAS into an M110 replica Airsoft M110 by VFC, its not my replica and the owner had requested the new part be fitted so I figured why not show anyone whose interested inside the bolt. The more you know!

Thanks to my friend Tom for his help in making this video possible and also the owner of the M110!"

The Fastest Way To Load Your GBBR Mags


Ollie Talks Airsoft found an adapter for the Odin Sidewinder speedloader to help you load your Gas Blowback Rifle Magazines like the Tokyo Marui AKM and MWS GBBRs... "So this is something that's going to save us all a lot of time and stress looking for the little pistol adaptors to load your GBBR Mags, well don't worry Airsoft Tailoring have you covered."

Guns Modify Mag Catch For The Marui MWS


Ollie Talks Airsoft got the Guns Modify Mag Catch for the Marui MWS. He talks about it in this video if it is something he recommend to MWS owners to get... "So this comes as no surprise that the Guns Modify Mag Catch is superiour to the Angry Gun version, but Im also looking at their Geissele version too!"

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