Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun Release Delayed


Tokyo Marui is one of the rare companies in airsoft that make public announcements when planned product releases are not going according to plan. It is always about being honest and accepting full responsibility when things are not going their way. In this case, the Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun, which was revealed in July 2021, will have its release delayed. It was originally planned for an Autumn 2021 release which was then moved to a Spring 2022 release.

ARMS Magazine: Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun


ARMS Magazine does a report on the upcoming SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun from Tokyo Marui... "The SAIGA-12K (hereinafter referred to as Saiga) is a unique semi-automatic shotgun that has been converted into a shotgun while maintaining the style and operability of the AK series. Although Saiga is well known in Japan, it has never been airsoft.

Arms Magazine's Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K GBB Shotgun Review


This is probably the first full review of the upcoming SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun from Tokyo Marui done by Arms Magazine... "Tokyo Marui's shotgun series features a very unique system. It is an epoch-making thing that has 3 independent barrels and chambers, 3 cylinders / pistons and can shoot 3 BB bullets at the same time. Starting with the air cocking SPAS12 that appeared in 1998, a gas pump Action Remington M870 and KSG, and electric fully automatic shotguns AA-12 and SGR-12 are being released in sequence.

Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K Update & Airsoft Battle Royale In VR


The Marudeca Advertising HQ crew is back with a video update. According to Deka and Irodori Mayoi the price of the Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun will be JPY49,800. This is around US$450.00 as of this writing but prices may vary especially for overseas exports. Also, they had an airsoft battle royale in virtual island game site shown in the video.

Pandaman On The Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K


Tokyo Marui posted a video of Pandaman, a U.S.-based photographer and gun writer, giving his take on the upcoming Tokyo Marui SAIGA-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun... "Semi-auto type shotgun 'SAIGA-12K' that you can enjoy recoil by firing 3 shots at the same time. Pandaman, who is active as a gun writer and photographer in the United States, introduces the gas blowback shotgun "SAIGA-12K"!

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09 Aug 2022

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