Black Winter Airsoft: New Airsoft Pyro Maker A2


If there is one thing about Russians in the airsoft industry, they sure know how to make pyros for use in airsoft games and milsim events. Black Winter Airsoft introduces the latest company to enter this segment and it's called A2... "Video review of pyrotechnic products from a newcomer to the pyrotechnic arena of airsoft guns, company A2."

Black Winter Airsoft: Airsoft Grenade By Zvezda


Russian airsoft companies are good at making pyros and grenades for airsoft use and Black Winter Airsoft introduces a company that has entered the airsoft grenade business called Zvezda. For Russian airsofters, this company is known for its Li-Ion battey line and has expanded its product line. Find out what he says about Zvezda's first airsoft grenade.

Black Winter Airsoft: StrikeArt M83 Smoke Grenade


Russian pyro device maker for airsoft use, StrikeArt, got a new smoke grenade, the M83. What makes this different from other smokes the company makes? Black Winter Airsoft got one for this review... "A hot new product from StrikeArt, the M83 smoke grenade. Review, description, tests, first impressions."

TAGinn CQB Line Airsoft Hand Grenades


Black Winter Airsoft presents two grenades for airsoft and training use in this video which are part of the TAGinn CQB line due to their use for room clearing, one is the TAG-67 that is based on the M67 hand grenade and the TAG-19 based on the RGD-5 hand grenade. The TAG-67 has training, paint, and BB editions whilst the TAG-19 has training and BB editions.

TAGinn Reaper KC 2.0 Projectiles Review By Black Winter Airsoft


Black Winter Airsoft reviews the TAGinn Reaper launchable projectiles for airsoft and milsim use. These come in two versions, the 3.5 which has a 3.5-second delay, and the 2.5, which of course has a 5-second delay. These are compatible with the TAG-ML36 launcher and these should be used with eye protection and other precautions as required in your area as these are pyros.



Black Winter Airsoft takes a look at the FMA LAB PEQ NGAL for airsoft use. It comes with a 230 lumen light, red laser, and IR. Powered by CR123A battery, the laser can be zero'ed in and comes with a remote extension switch. Other features are multiple power settings and can be mounted on Picatinny rails.

Emerson Gear Mayflower-Style UW Chest Rig Gen IV


Black Winter Airsoft does a full review of the Emerson Gear Mayflower-Style UW Chest Rig Gen IV, which is of course a replica for airsoft/cosplay use. Made of 500D Cordura is water repellent and abrasion resistance and can carry up to six 5.56 magazines and up to 4 pistol magazines.

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