KWC UZI Gas Blowback Disassembly


Owners of the KWC UZI Gas Blowback can watch the first part video by That GBB Guy as he shows how to dismantle the lower... "Hello Everyone! In this video, we will disassemble the KWC UZI lower. In part 2, we will disassemble the receiver. And in Part 3, the Bolt. Stay tuned for those upcoming videos.

If you have any questions concerning the KWC UZI, or any of the steps that I took to disassemble this replica, please let me know."

Mach Sakai On The Northeast Airsoft UZI MP2A1 GBB SMG


One of the most prolific airsoft reviewers gets to try the new Northeast Airsoft UZI MP2A1 GBB SMG which is the latest airsoft version of SMG after a long while. Mach Sakai checks the externals to find out how it replicates the original, goes over the operations to find if all the moving parts are operating normally and a quick steel challenge to gauge its performance and shooting experience.

AirSix TV: Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 UZI GBB SMG


The recently released Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 UZI GBB SMG is now in South Korea and the guys at AirSix TV got one to check out... "This video is the MP2A1, also known as Uzi, a model adopted by the West German Army released by NORTHEAST.

We take a look at how well this Uzi was made by NORTHEAST, which makes gas blowbacks."

BB2K Airsoft's Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 Uzi GBB Unboxing


The waiting is over for Bruce as he gets to unbox and hold for the first time the Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 Uzi Gas Blowback SMG in this BB2K Airsoft video... "Today I will unpack the new NorthEast Bundeswehr MP2A1 (UZI) with you. A replica I've been waiting for for a long time. The first full-size GBB UZI and made of steel too. A lot of love has been put into the detail and all parts are just as articulated as the original."

Ollie's First Impressions Of The Northeast Uzi GBB


Ollie Talks Airsoft takes some time off Tokyo Marui airsoft guns and go over a recently released gas blowback machine pistol, the Northeast Uzi Gas Blowback... "A look at the new MP2A1 by Northeast, its pretty awesome but its not without its issues, see my review for a brutally honest look at this iconic SMG.

Please be warned there is some foul language in some of the cut scenes, apologies for any offense caused."

Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 GBB Review, Upgrades & Fixes


Explosive Enterprises got to comprehensively review the recently released Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 Uzi Gas Blowback SMG and they touch on upgrades as well as fixes to issues found... "Today we're taking a look at Northeast Airsoft's newest GBB product and their first design beyond Sten variants- a gas blowback MP2A1, known more colloquially as the Uzi.

Northeast Airsoft UZI MP2A1 GBB Unboxing


BadaBing Pictures gets to unbox the recently released Northeast Airsoft UZI MP2A1 GBB. Here are his initial impressions... "This is the GBB SMG we’ve all been waiting for. Well, I have anyway.  The Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 / UZI SMG. This is not a review, only first initial impressions. The full review will come at a later date."

RWTV: Northeast Uzi MP2A1 GBB Review


It is with authority that RWTV declares Northeast Uzi MP2A1 GBB, which is available at RedWolf Airsoft, to be the best airsoft Uzi gas blowback... "Just three weeks after reviewing Northeast’s last GBB the STEN, we now have Northeast’s first GBB Uzi! In this Northeast Uzi review, Andrew and the team check out this gorgeous full steel Uzi MP2A1 variant used by the postwar German Bundeswehr together with his dreadful German pronunciation.

Uncle Fury: Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 (UZI) GBB SMG


Alan "Uncle Fury" Hsu does a quick review of the Northeast Airsoft MP2A1 Gas Blowback SMG. Based on the venerable UZI machine pistol design, this gas blowback is full steel and the details are faithful to the original. It is said to fire a consistent 100m/s in muzzle velocity, with a 32-BB round magazine capacity and adjustble hop-up.

Ollie's First Airsoft Gun


Ollie Talks Airsoft shows us his very first airsoft gun, the Maruzen Micro Uzi GBB Machine Pistol. Already discontinued, it is a joy to shoot with its high rate of fire, like expending the magazine at almost the blink of an eye. When bought, it comes with a 20-BB round magazine... "Title says it all really, this was my first Airsoft gun over 20 years ago and its still going strong, unbelievable!!!"

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