Boaz's Top 5 Airsoft Guns of 2021 & 2020


Boaz lists his top 5 airsoft guns in the Covid years in this Airsoft GI TV episode... "We are finally half way done with 2021! Boaz, Kevin, and I decided to give out top five airsoft guns of the past year. We dipped back into 2020 because there haven't been too many new airsoft guns this year so far. We still have the rest of 2021, so we hope we get to see more! We pulled straws and Boaz is the first to go! We are trying a new format for the video to be more entertaining for you!

Boaz's Weird Airsoft Tool Kit


Check out this airsoft tool kit of Boaz of Airsoft GI... "Find airsoft specific tools and supplies here to keep your airsoft guns in tip top shape! Boaz' mind works on a different wave length! He has a few tools that can help you maintain your airsoft gun while you are at the field! There are a lot of useful items that you would never think about. With this list, you might find something helpful to you and make a permanent place in your kit!"

GI Boaz's Stimmy Wish List?


You have US$700 to burn, Boaz of Airsoft GI got a wishlist you can go over to maximise that wad of cash when purchasing stuff for airsoft use... "Boaz has a wishlist that he wants to pick up with his Stimulus Check, but he is more responsible that Cisco. So he decided to budget better and get everything he wanted without going overboard! What would you get with a $700 budget?"

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