Deadly Customs Enola Gaye MK5 Thunder Flash Holster


Rock Botttom Airsoft gives us a quick look at the Deadly Customs Enola Gaye MK5 thunder flash holster which is helpful in properly carrying pyros in the field during a game... "In this video we take a quick look at a new piece of gear I recently acquired. This is the Deadly Customs Mk 5 thunder flash holster.

Rock Bottom Airsoft's 5 Favourite AEG Upgrades


You might want to try these upgrades for the AEG that are the favourites of Rock Bottom Airsoft... "In this video we take a look at 5 of my favourite  Airsoft AEG upgrades.

These upgrades are not chosen based on ease of fitment or cost. These are upgrades that for me, make a difference and can be worth doing. Whether thats because they are affordable, easy to do or make a significant improvement can be applied to some of them.

Airsoft Gun Transport Solutions & Storage


Rock Bottom Airsoft talks about cases such as hard cases and soft cases, that airsoft players can use for transporting and storing their airsoft guns... "In this video we take a look at methods of transporting your Airsoft replicas to your game days. These solutions can also be used for storing your replicas when your not out in the field.

A Look At The Specna Arms SA-E02 EDGE


Rock Bottom Airsoft gives his first impressions of the Specna arms SA-E02 EDGE in this video. We just hope he keeps the subject in the middle screen in his future videos... "This is my first impressions of the specna arms SA-E02 replica. It's part of the Edge series and comes with a MOSFET pre installed. It's fully licensed by Rock River Arms and looks really nice. This is my first unboxing in my series of videos. I hope you enjoy it."

Fitting A Motor In An AEG


Rock Bottom Airsoft shows how you can fit a motor into an AEG and the motor featured in the video is the Warhead Industries Brushless Motor... "In this video we take a look at how to install a motor in your AR pattern Airsoft replica. We also see the slight increase in performance you can gain from a simple motor upgrade."

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