G&G MP5 AEGs With Metal Receivers


G&G Armament has a range of MP5-style AEGs that has been available for years now. In this video, Red Army Airsoft shows the various variants the Taiwan-based airsoft company has produced and available at most reputable airsoft retailers... "Overview of the G&G MP5 Airsoft AEG range: TGM A3 PDW [ETU], TGM A3 [ETU], TGM A2 [ETU], and TGM A3 RTS [ETU]."

Red Army Airsoft: G&G PCC45 AEG Overview


Alexander of Red Army Airsoft goes over the 21st Century treatment of the UMP45 design by G&G, the PCC45 AEG which is carried by the Airsoft Store in Russia... "The PCC45 Airsoft Assault Rifle is G&G Armament's modern take on the classic UMP45."

HK33 History & The LCT Airsoft HK33A2 AEG


A review of the LCT Airsoft HK33A2 by Red Army Airsoft that covers the history of the rifle and use in popular culture... "In this video we take a look at the LCT's HK33A2 AEG airsoft replica. Since there is not much information about HK33, the video contains historical information, about a real prototype, as well as references to HK33 and HK53 in popular culture, films and games."

Red Army Airsoft's Overview Of The G&G SMC-9 GBB


The G&G Armament SMC-9 GBB is available in Russia and Alexander of Red Army Airsoft does an overview video of this GBB that can be purchased in carbine kit form for the G&G GTP-9 GBB Pistol or a complete SMC-9 GBB... "In this informative video, we will not only look at the new airsoft pistol GBBR SMC9 machine gun from G&G, but also figure out why it is easier to hit from a carbine than from a pistol and why we came up with a carbine kit for a pistol."

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