Tippmann OMEGA V2 M4 HPA Airsoft Rifle


Timerzanov Airsoft got his hands on the Tippmann Tactical Omega V2 M4 HPA airsoft rifle. This is available in four models and allows for an HPA tank to be installed in the stock area rather than being tethered via a hose to an external tank and comes with preset ROF that the user can select... "Good morning all! Today I am offering you an HPA type replica operating on Co2.

You'll see it's pretty cool. Good viewing !

Recon Moose: Tippmann Omega HPA M4 Review


Recon Moose is happy to own this HPA-powered airsoft rifle from Tippmann and explains it why in this video review... "Here is my review of the Tippmann Omega-PV Electro-Pneumatic Airsoft Rifle. This gun made had me wondering of the possibilities of a self-contained HPA system, but I was a bit disappointed after I took it out of the box. I have had this gun for about 19 months now, and I'm glad I kept it. This I now know, is my favorite gun, and is currently going through more upgrades!

Airsoft Mike: Tippmann Omega V2 CO2 Version


An unboxing video of the Tippmann Omega V2 C92 Version by Airsoft Mike. A Tippmann Tactical Electro Pneumatic Airsoft Rifle, this has an internal regular for adjusting velocity, preset ROFs at 10, 15, and 25, runs on 2 12g CO2 cartidges with optional stock and air canister. It can also run of 13ci HPA tank on the stock or tethered to an HPA tank via hose.

REAPERs Airsoft: Tippmann Omega HPA


Reapers Airsoft takes a look at a complete HPA rifle from Tippmann, the Omega HPA. This HPA airsoft rifle otherwise called a Pneumatic Airsoft Rifle uses the M-Lok System and they it gets dismantled and compared to the Milsig M6... "Hi guys, I hope you have some time. Today we examine the Tippmann Omega in the HPA version.

Airsoftjunkiez Memorial Weekend Sale


Airsoftjunkiez got two announcements for customers as observe Memorial Day. The first is their Memorial Day Weekend Sale and the second is the availability of their new Tippmann Omega M4 HPA Rifles... "Airsoftjunkiez Memorial Weekend Sale: 10% off all items including all HPA engines, player packages and all Airsoftjunkiez custom builds.

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