Dirty Barrel vs Clean Barrel Compared


Here is the obvious reason why you should always have a clean airsoft inner barrel in this video by the Pulverizer Airsoft Channel... "This is the comparison video of a dirty inner barrel vs clean inner barrel in airsoft. In this video I am using my Wolverine Krytac HPA. What's the difference between a clean barrel and a dirty barrel?"

Simple Guide: Tips In Improving Airsoft's Accuracy & Consistency


The Pulverizer Airsoft Channel got some tips in improving an airsoft gun's accuracy and consistency so if you need a simple guide, you might want to bookmark this... "Having an accuracy issue with your airsoft? This is the video for you. This is a guide on how to improve your airsoft's accuracy and consistency. This is a simple guide.  Follow the steps that I gave and you can enjoy a better performance of your airsoft."

Galaxy H&K MP5K AEG


We get to see again the Galaxy MP5K AEG which is an affordable MP5K AEG that was first introduced more than a decade ago and we just find it to be an iffy performer. The Pulverizer Airsof Channel review one and we hope things have improved with this Chinese-made AEG... "This is a review of cheap electric/aeg airsoft, namely galaxy mp5k or g5k. What does this mp5k unit look like, watch the video until the end."

Simple Airsoft Loadout 2021


The Pulverizer Airsoft Channel shows his simple loadout that should get one ready for a day game at the airsoft field. As always, in putting a barebones loadout, don't skimp on the protective gear... "This is my simple airsoft loadout 2021. You can see all of my gears for airsoft: starting from goggles, helmet, gloves, until knee pad."

Airsoft Filming Tips & Behind The Scenes


The Pulverizer Airsoft Channel got some tips for those who want to do airsoft videos with multiple cameras which will allow them to get footage of the action at different angles... "This is a video of Behind the Scenes and Tips of Airsoft Filming. Nowadays, many people like to record airsoft gameplays and upload them to youtube. In this short video, I will show you how to create airsoft videos with multiple cameras."

How To Use A Gas Blow Back Pistol


If you are about to start using a gas blowback pistol for the first time, feel free to watch this guide from the Pulverizer Airsoft Channel to help you get acquainted with one quickly... "Airsoft Guide on How to Use Gas Blow Back Pistol (Hi Capa/1911 model) For New Airsoft Starter - very basic. If this is your first time to join airsoft, then this is the right video for you."

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