Testing The TAGinn TAG-18, AFG-6 & TAG-19


Municak SK got to test the different pyro grenades for airsoft and milsim use from TAGinn such as TAG-18 smoke, the AFG-6 and TAG-19. You can find these at their online store located in Slovakia.. "We decided to show you the new Taginn airsoft grenades in action. Juraj will show smoke and hand grenades in the video."

TAGinn TAG AFG-6 At Strike Planet


Russian airoft retailer Strike Planet highlight the features of the TAGinn TAG AFG-6 hand grenade for airsoft and milsim use. It is made of foamed polyurethane and cardboard body and modeled like the real grenade. When the ring is pulled, it won't ignite until safety lever is released and will spew out dried peas as projectiles when it explodes.

AMNB Overview: TAGInn AFG-6 Flash Bang & FBG-6 Grenade


A favourite of Milsim players are the TAGInn AFG-6 Flash Bang & FBG-6 Grenade which are great to use for Milsim events as long as the locations allow for the use of pyros. Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) goes over these to tell us a bit more of these pyros for airsoft use... "Every player should add some TAGInn stuff to his kit at some day. At least those of you playing MilSim scenarios a lot will get the benefit out of it. This time, we´re looking at the TAGInn AFG-6 and FBG-6 Grenade."

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09 Aug 2022

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