Ascend DP17 Deadpool Custom Metal Version GBB Pistol


Black Reapers Cahors checks out the Ascend DP17 Deadpool Custom Metal Version GBB Pistol if it is fun one to shoot with. This is based on the WE Airsoft Glock 17 GBB pistol customised to the taste of Deadpool and comes with the Custom force trigger. This comes with a 24-BB round gas magazine... "Hi there! Today, find the video review of the Glock DP17 Deadpool Custom by Torn!"

Jia Dyi: Rising Airsoft Brand "ASCEND"


Jia Dyi explains the Ascend airsoft brand and its first product, the DP17 GBB pistol... "The pistol with the designation DP17 is the first work of the ambitious manufacturer and is available in three different versions. An absolute must-have for comic enthusiasts as well as weapon collectors and lovers. At the first glance, the DP17 is immediately recognizable as the special action hero, it has been hydro-dipped in red and black throughout you can see quotes from the character and certain references to the superhero.

DTW Airsoft: Ascend/WE DP17 GBB Pistol


We get another look a the Ascend/WE DP17 Gas Blowback Pistol that Deadpool fans in airsoft can collect in this video review by DTW Airsoft... "This is the Ascend DP17 that as you will see has a lot of WE markings on the pistol itself. This is a blowback airsoft pistol powered by green gas with a unique look to say the least."

BB2K Airsoft: Ascend DP17 GBB Pistol


Bruce of BB2K Airsoft dons the Deadpool mask as he reviews the Ascend DP17 GBB pistol that is based on the Glock 17 design... "As a deadpool & airsoft fan the Ascend DP17 simply belongs in my collection. Although it has nothing to do with the movies and the paintjob is only based on the Marvel hero I am very enthusiastic about this pistoll. So today I show you the Airsoft Custom Glock 17 from WE-Tech. The WE GForce Glock17 was used as a base.

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