ACS Airsoft NOOBDAY 2022


Official video of NOOBDAY 2022 as hosted by ACS Airsoft that took place last April in Kentucky... "The world renowned NOOBDAY made its return at ACS Airsoft in Paducah, KY.
Noob Day provided an opportunity for over 500 players to experience airsoft in a thrilling new atmosphere with strong, experienced teammates to help lead the way. A game for all playing styles and experience levels.

"What Airsoft is Like in America’s Heartland?"


DesertFox Airsoft visits ACS Airsoft in Kentucky to experience the airsoft culture there... "One of my favorite aspects of airsoft is going to a new field and interacting with the local airsoft community. It’s a fun opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts and see different and unique airsoft gun builds. For this trip I went to ACS Airsoft in Paducah, Kentucky. To me, this is geographically the heartland of America."

ACS Airsoft: Why We Play Airsoft


ACS Airsoft talks about why they play airsoft and they have Jet DesertFox as special guest... "Airsoft is about teamwork, overcoming obstacles, sharing stories, and building friendships. Enjoy our behind-the-scenes footage of what it’s like to play airsoft, and hear some testimonials from our local community. Plus a guest appearance from Jet DesertFox."

ACS Airsoft 8 Year Anniversary Celebration


ACS Airsoft posted a video about their 8 year anniversary celebration. Located in West Paducah, Kentucky, ACS Airsoft has an six acre game field that is comprised on an open field section and dense forest section. They had a raffle draw and guest appearances during the event.

ACS Airsoft 7 Year Anniversary Video


ACS Airsoft celebrated their 7th year in business last month... "Relive all the Airsoft action that took place at our largest anniversary event ever! We thank everyone for the support over the years as ACS has grown into what it is today!"

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